Used stuffing boxes as roll holders

We have been on a full court press this past month prepping the Global HQ for two big events for family and friends. More later on those. Nothing like an event to get stuff organized. All this while boats are starting to need the railway and getting ready for summer. Today some more images of stuff being dolled up, and aged to rebuild the clutter look that any decent boatyard needs to embrace. The only “issue” I have is the need to art direct to much. But the good news is all that is temporary, cause one project and all hell breaks loose and she begins to really feel right.

I have become a plumber of sorts. Like a Plumber in bad sorts. This is the bathroom.

And Bam, after two tries I figured it out. The old…yellow toilet was leaking and would flush randomly.

I painted the bathroom walls, cheap 1970’s wood panels.

Its small. No hot water. But sure glad its here

Old Reedville can labels from the many factories here back in the day

Gotta have a pin up calendar in there! This is a local one from 1951. Thanks LOWTIMERS for the find!

Me and Mr B in a place to P

We have also been working on the new old workbench area. WOW, those workbenches are amazing and balance out the work area.

The day the workbenches were installed

Added some cool pine boards found in the wood shed. Old raw cut planks.

And starting to install some of the older tools in areas. The entire shop is now one large organized tool box..ish

Yesterday I installed a very cool set of Benjamin lights found in Richmond. And yes I rewired them.

The vibe is getting there.

This is the wall across from the workbench wall. More of a gallery wall

The planer and walls behind are starting to get groupings of art styles.

New small shelves added to other work areas and stained to match the older wood. Functional art. Maybe a better term is Dysfunctional art.

Time does stand still here. but man oh man it sure takes a lot of it to make it that way. LOOP ALERT

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27 Responses to “It’s Sure Takes A Lot Of Time To Stop Time. Railway Updates For Spring.”
  1. BT

    Looks spectacular! One disappointment – the new white toilet. Visit any rehab / recycle shop and find an old toilet (or talk to your favorite plumber. You can buy all new guts for $25 and then you’ve got it. I have a blue one, two yellow ones, and a pink one with green seat

  2. Matt

    HAHAHAHA! I was torterd by removing the yellow one. And not going to throw it away. It was a rust bucket inside

  3. Bilge Rat

    Very cool. Needs a single point-of-use water heater for that bathroom sink. Then any visiting ladies will feel right at home.

  4. RiverRat

    the paper holder would make a nice wall sconce. If you are like me it will always be organized and covered in an inch of dust. You a great steward of you many charges. Respect

  5. John Rothert

    Great stuff…we may cruise up to see it….Happy Easter…Go Boating…taking my Easter Bunny…

    John in Va

  6. Rabbit

    Amazing. It will never end, the tweaking, collecting and art directing. And that’s a good thing.

  7. ART A

    Yep that’s me………….Dysfunctional Art, however yours is functional.

    Nice ART!!

  8. Chris B

    Good to see a working bathroom. You are fitting right into that collection of ARTifacts. Sure looks like a good place to visit.

  9. Floyd r turbo

    It looked like the toilet flange was suspended in mid air but after closer look I see it was just an illusion from the darker wood and you’ve got it screwed down properly. I would’ve used a piece of pressure-treated there but what you’ve got to be OK. Looks amazing.

  10. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P)

    A hell of a man cave your’e putting together Matt.

  11. Cliff

    All you need is an odd four door sedan from the 1960’s for driving to and from where ever. You could paint the railway on the door and call it a courtesy car. 😁

  12. Ron in Seattle

    Looks great! Except your toilets are modern “one piece”. You need my copper lined oak toilet tank that mounted high up on the wall, from Seattle’s Broadway High School, built in 1902!

  13. Ronald

    It all looks so good. In my mind you did the right thing with the toilet. It’s the one thing that needs to work correctly every time. In our area the water has so many minerals in it apparently that after a few years it clogs those small holes up in the rim and renders it useless. All looks great.

  14. Steve Anderson from Michigan

    I think the term you are looking for is Harvest Gold!

  15. Gail Turner

    It has been/is fun to follow along as you create and develop this space! Looks fantastic! What a walk through time!

  16. CB

    you need some old classic boating magazines or perhaps a old brass bell for the shelving unit; reading material