7AM yesterday right before a drive to DC and back for a meeting. Note the new wall and lights

First, thank you for humoring me and my life inside the painting I call the Railway. I have discovered that in an odd way, I am literally doing a painting, a work of art, in 3D and sometimes I am inside the painting, part of the painting, ya its strange, but its the best way to describe it all. There is no rational reason for any of it. But once its done..ish…. I hope it all brings joy to all who get to see and feel it. Heck, even WoodyBoater in an odd way is some sort of self reflection, possibly a self portrait. Ya Ya.

The new work bench area with new old lights. 7AM

The look is too look like its always been there. In a way a fantasy of a perfect work area

Right on the water. GAAAAAA, that morning light. It lasted 3 minutes.

I also fully realize that many of you all come here for boat stories and photos. But that was never the intent. Woody Boater and now the Railway are a more dimensionalized version of our little universe of boating. Life style, and everything that surrounds it all to me is the real love. Our boats are just vessels to move through it all. Deep? Yes. But isn’t it more fun when you peel away an onion and you find that there is depth to things. Okay, maybe not, but for me, its the joy trigger. Otherwise its just a facade of it all. And whats the fun in that? So, I say thank you for sharing my mornings with you. And if you want gratuitous boat shots. Well. Stay tuned.

Here… a Boat! a Butler built 25 Skiff. This thing is heavy and a true beast. Built for pound netting and still in some serious use.

The other side of the shop, now will be a buffing and grinding area.

And of course no morning isnt complete without Mr B enjoying the hell out of it all. I mean he goes nuts there in the AM. Goes on a full patrol and well.. Makes me smile.

Poor Ms Binky. To early? Miss Binky got a workout for sure.

Life is too short sometimes. Thats why I have a camera. All three of these shots were about 10 seconds. He can sure move!

Stay tuned as we get ready for Franks memorial Service next week. Nothing like an event to give some focus and drive to Getherdone!

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29 Responses to “Some Self Indulgent Thoughts. Thank You, And Bite Me!”
  1. Matt

    When it starts like this, I fear the worst. HA! Cant get any better thats for sure.

  2. rjtipple

    You have created a real “Holideck” instead of a virtual one like they had in Star Trek.

  3. Syd

    Looks great. Now just move it up here by me intact and I can put it to some great use

  4. Murdock

    “Feng shui, also known as Chinese geomancy, is an ancient Chinese traditional practice which claims to use energy forces to harmonize individuals with their surrounding environment. The term feng shui means, literally, “wind-water”. Wikipedia”

    Rock on Obi-Wan.
    Rock on.

  5. Florida Kid

    I enjoyed today’s post and the idea of the boat life and all the accoutrements that go with it. Matt, you are an Industrial Artist and your work brings great joy and encouragement to me and many others!

  6. warren

    Matt, I really enjoy the living, working marine railway museum.
    The eye to capture the lighting in your photos is very much appreciated also.
    I hope we could visit the railway someday

  7. Dave Clyne

    Super photos this morning. We are overdue for some shots of Sweet Pea. They always make my morning.

  8. John Rothert

    Loved all but the idea of the DC trip. Me too on the pix of Sweet Pea.
    Going Boating for Easter on the Bay!! John in Va
    and Bethany…I too am lucky guy!

  9. Kelly Wittenauer

    Beautiful photos, that really capture those fleeting peaceful moments, before the chaos of another day barges in. Much like arriving at a raceway, in the early morning calm, that lasts only those brief moments before letting the ramp door down. Love the Railway stories. Envying you perhaps, but certainly not just humoring.

  10. Rick

    Too bad you couldn’t get the old Palm Gardens sign to put down at the dock for WoodyBoaters to be able to continue to pull up to. Or at least hung from the rafters. That could have been a cool addition to the mental art montage. Love the way it looks and decribing it as you being inside the artwork.

  11. Mike D

    Hey Matt, I’m curious when you write that the intent of Woody Boater was never about boat stories and photos, did you have a plan or vision of what you wanted this site to be back then? Was the railroad always a consideration or did it just happen when it became available? It sure is great to see your creation.

  12. Jim Staib

    Good morning from the North Woods. Pretty sure Mother Nature has different plans on our boating season here.

  13. Rabbit

    The Railway is the perfect embodiment of the lifestyle. Keep the stories coming. We’re all jealous as hell.

  14. Dana from Tower MN

    I tell myself that it is pretty
    And the docks will go in eventually

  15. Tparsons56

    Matt – The railway is now and has always been an integral part of the classic boating universe so it fits right in. It takes us all back to a simpler time. And, of course, there is always room for dogs in our world!

    We now have open water – yeehaa!! Time to get the boats prepped.

  16. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P)

    There is nothing like first light in the morning! It makes you realize you have another day ahead of you, be it good or bad. Keep up the Railway stories Matt. It makes us realize that working on other things besides boats is worthwhile😃

  17. floyd r turbo

    I always wished I had a gathering place for like minded people into woodies. Then I thought all they’d do is drink up all my beer and overflow my trash cans and my septic system. So I guess I’ll just continue to dream about your utopia and leave it at that.

  18. John Baas

    Our Mr. B is actually Mr. E…Enzo. 40% miniature poodle and 60% foolishness. They might be cousins!

  19. Woodydiva

    Life style, and everything that surrounds it all to me is the real love. Our boats are just vessels to move through it all. Deep? Yes.


  20. Bill Loomis

    Happy Easter and thank you for your wonderful illustration of what’s really important in life! Woody Boater brings great joy for a lot of us. Thanks Matt for bringing it to us daily!