Mr On Patrol

Every morning, when we get to HQ, Mr B does a complete patrol of his empire. He is dead serious and he does not mess around. No SIR! First he needs to check for the “KITTY CAT” that sneaks in at night and sleeps in his beds. Yes. Then there are squirrels that always seem to be someplace, and then outside to check on the large buzzards that hang out at the tower and from time to time just hang out on the docks.

The Buzzards. Hey you got any old dead stuff here? Can you spare some old dead stuff. Hey Mr..

Loitering Reedville style at the Railway

Well. yesterday, the buzzards got all Putin on the docks and tried to MOVE IN. OH! No way in hell was that gonna happen. Mr B was having no part in this, and ship went down.

Mr B was not having it. I need to get him a Segway and badge.

Now mind you, these Buzzards are larger than Mr B. Not in there minds, but physical size. But that means nothing to Mr B.

Mr B did some sneaking around the Rail. Shhhh, he is making his move

Get off my dock! SUCCESS!

Go Mr B!

And stay out!

The sadness is how much the Buzzards did not care. But they did move, and Mr B retained is title of WoodyBoater Global HQ Director of Security. He is amazing, and I know by his bark, if someone is there, or its another dog walking by.

My champion!

My hats off to you Mr B.. Now put the hat down. DROP IT! Mr B.. DROP IT!


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11 Responses to “Showdown At The Global HQ – Oh It Went Down.”
  1. Jim Staib

    Must be a dog thing. Every time I let Kai out he has to check for birds or squirrels that have invaded his territory. Bears will be waking up soon. If he finds one of those he might change his mind.

  2. John Rothert

    If you really do see “putin”on the dock….shoot him. Help us all.

    You go Mr. B!

  3. Frank@Falmouth

    This needs some “deep voice” narration ….. “as the un suspecting vultures seek their carrion, they dont notice the guardian of the realm , who stalks them with dogged focus”….(suspenseful…music)….. until he springs into action, banishing them from the docks…. for now…

    Great Mr B story.. we love our dogs..

  4. Floydrturbo

    Hey, Lucifer wants to know what’s wrong with Kitty Cat keeping your bed warm.

  5. Don Palmer

    Brody is always on patrol for Eagles that can hover around our dock area when his little sister Sailor is out. He let’s em have it!
    As long as he doesn’t see a squirrel first.