118 Original hours. Like New..old..new

We all know Bob Murdock and his adventures in the preservation in HOWE MARINE. A cool historic marina up in the Winter Still area of our universe. Sorry Bob. But one cool thing Bob has is a wonderful location near some amazing time capsules, and today he gets to brag on this one. UGH.. 118 original hours.

And on the trailer headed to her new home

WOW, original interior.

So what happens when a time capsule goes to a Time Capsule marina? I don’t know. Could there be some sort of vortex thing? Is it safe.. Like Y2K? Oh god. Should we all be unplugging and plugging back in today? Will clocks start spinning backwards? Will I be able to go more than 2 hrs without peeing again? YA, I went there. … I go there every 2 hrs it seems like. Day and night.. Maybe Bobs time capsule deal will heal us all. Regardless of it all. I guess … ready… TIME WILL TELL!


You can visit HOWE MARINE HERE. Maybe watch it do a time Warp thing.

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17 Responses to “Bob Murdock Finds A Time Capsule For His Time Capsule. LOOP ALERT!”
  1. Troy in ANE

    Amazing find! Well done Bob!

    It’s kind of like: If you eat pasta and anti-pasta at the same time, are you still hungry?

  2. Greg Lewandowski

    Nice boat. It’s hard to think of more to say after seeing Troy’s post!


    Year, length, model, engine, is he just going to flip it………..lots of questions????????

  4. Kelly Wittenauer

    I suspect Matt deliberately left those details for another day!

  5. Syd

    Yes this will be a good one for a good milking lol
    Have fun Matt. We enjoy it

  6. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P)

    What a great find!! I keep saying that Howe Marine is on my bucket list. I would like to see this boat in person, as well as the rest of the establishment. Lets have some more on it Matt.

  7. Murdock

    Uh oh.
    Now I’m in trouble……..promise to answer all the questions as I dig through what I dragged home. Patti is always concerned when I leave the driveway with an empty trailer hitch…..
    This was on Facebook and there is an interesting story (always is), so……..bought new in ‘65, some use, put into the garage in ‘74, doesn’t come out again, gentleman gets older and passes away, wife continues to cover the boat with newspapers and all manner of “stuff”, boat gets buried, no one knows it’s there, she passes away in her mid-‘90’s, company comes to clean out and help family dispose of all the stuff, finds boat, owner of company buys boat, boat goes on Facebook, Bob can’t resist. Again.
    Now need to get hull number off the stringer to determine all details.
    Going through the boxes that came with the boat and lo and behold, found the original bow and stern poles with the original flags supplied when boat purchased new!!!
    Even the ski’s that were used by the family too.
    And the original Thorobred trailer with original thin whitewall bias ply tires.
    And the Century brochure of all their models that year.
    More to come as I uncover. Promise!

    • Greg Lewandowski

      The cotton flags were so nice and now impossible to find.

    • Jim Hawver

      Hi Bob,
      Love reading about what your up too. Can’t remember all of our dealings we had over the years but my guess is that your winning! As for Patti getting nervous when your trailer leave’s your driveway, Sue made me sell my trailer!

  8. MikeM

    I keep saying I’m done buying boats but this would be hard ti resist as well as that boat that came out of Montana earlier this week.

    Nice find!!

  9. Jeff Funk

    Love this story, and good for you Bob. Just me, but hope you leave her just as she is. Ok, maybe some cleaning…but no restoration. These finds are truly rare.