Cleaned up and painted. Still some small details on the side of the building. But for the most part. READY!

It’s been a hard 24/7 at Global HQ getting the Railway ready for Franks family and friends to have a gathering space to say go by to a fantastic guy. Tomorrow the Railway will host around, around, I have no idea how many folks will show up. So, that part is a little terrifying. The railway is not set up to be a space for such things, but Frank is family ish in a way and the Railway is a perfect place for him. I will say, Frank may not be pleased with all the fancy to do’s and yada yadas that the Railway has undergone. Her beauty make over is a little to nice for me, but there has to be some sort of balance I suppose.

The winch is all cleaned and scraped. Its off an old Coast Guard ship, and the transmission is from a Junk yard in the 70’s. Dang. I painted the winch grey and the moving parts yellow.

Yes thats a table and umbrella. A great way to end a day by sitting and having a cold one

More trees planted and mulch put in

Guardian Of The Mulch – Mr B was in total control over the mulch.

New lighting to illuminate the texture of the ceiling was also added

The bathroom floor was painted with NOS Pettit paint in AVOCADO and Teak brown.

The LOVE sign is officially installed

Fresh gravel has been brought in as a final touch. The small area fenced in is sand and will be like a small beach for Mr B and his beach bunnies.

Gravel has been added to make walking easier

The Grinding and buffing area is all set.

Vintage Sand paper holder

Reclaimed vintage brass fire sprayers used as file holders.

Mr Bench and the table saw and Joiner are now on wheels and can be moved around

A nice propeller flower arrangement greets the visitors


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11 Responses to “Global HQ Ready For Frank Fifes Memorial Service”
  1. Greg Lewandowski

    The place just keeps looking more like a museum and less like a working marine railway, but you should be proud of what you have done!

  2. Frank@Falmouth

    A great location for a memorial service for Frank Fife and hats off to you for offering your playground for a serious and somber event. What better a place to remember an “old salt”. I see many an event in the future, the versatility of RMR to be a venue has endless options. Perfect weather tomorrow. RIP Frank

  3. Steve in the woods

    Beautiful, but too nice to get dirty. Where are you working on your stuff?

  4. John Rothert

    Thanks for doing all that…looks great!

    RIP Frank,

    John in Va


    Gooks great Matt, just don’t forget to remove the tape from the window on the right , just above the winch.

  6. floyd r turbo

    You couldn’t find a better or more appropriate place for rememberances and his send off. RIP Frank

  7. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P)

    I agree with the above comments. What a great place to have Franks memorial service. It is nice of you and Suzy to offer up your cool facility. for Frank and his family.

  8. Reddog

    Property looks real nice. I’m thinking Frank would be happy to be at His wake in spirit
    I have a question…what is a fire spreader. I’ve never seen or heard of one.
    R I P Frank

  9. Mike K

    aahh matt, that winch isnt gray, its blue.
    did jim staib tell you its grey?

  10. Duster

    Insane amount of work Matt. You have the stamina of a youthful horse and the cheque book of a wall street wolf. Go Matt go!