I love the smell of fresh varnish in the morning

WECATCHEM is getting ready for the 2022 season, and she is look’n good. Like way to good for my ratty old flabby ass to be sitting in. But hey. Anyway, she has been up at the Katz’s Spa for some botox, and face scraping. Lasor treatments, hot rocks and massages all winter and is done..ish.  mmmmmmmmmmm

My special registration numbers

Gad zooks

Like glass. NOT FIBERGLASS, but glass glass. Not frosty glass. GLASS GLASS. Mirror glass

Keeping the original exhaust. Also going to tweek the prop for better performance.

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14 Responses to “Mahogany Reflections – WECATCHEM Is Almost Ready From Her Beauty Makeover”
  1. Century Mike "from the article"

    Matt and Katz,
    AWESOME work. Was this a complete strip and refinish or a detailed refresh? For a refresh, what’s the process that you and others follow?

    • Mike K

      Check out mike greens you tube Chanel
      He has great how tos for refresh varnish

      Not to take anything away from Katz that looks amazing!

  2. m-fine

    If you move up here where there isn’t any of that nasty sunshine stuff, your varnish would last decades!

  3. Frank@Falmouth

    Yes! A beautiful finish that Id be afraid to expose to the elements, yet WECATCHEM sits in the sun (partially shaded daily).. the way they were originally used. Im guilty of not wanted to expose my “finished” boats to UV, relegating them to a windowless boat barn! 🙂 Sunscreen for boats ?? ..Heaven forbid I should leave them in the water, yet thats what we did growing up. The level of craftmanship and finish from Katzs is amazing, but well beyond my pocketbook. Ill have to settle on maintenance coats to cover the blemishes that would require a full strip to address. So I have gone the “patina” finish route and not have to obsess on scratching a mirror like finish. Beautiful boat and finish ya got there. I could just sit and stare at such a beautiful finish job..

  4. Dick Dow

    Love the custom registration number. I was able to do that with “Sindbad” – WN 1939 BB – the launch year, builder and best friend/engineer on the project. Not sure if I could do that now in WA.

    “Wecatchem” is looking great!

  5. Steve Anderson from Michigan

    I had a similar finish on my continental from Wayne Eversole, and last winter I stored it wrong and it dried out a bit. I am so mad at myself. I was moving and in a hurry to find a place. Hopefully, it will gain some humidity this spring and look good for the launch date.

  6. mark a ferrara

    That finish is what keeps the young crowd involved. All ages love fine furniture!