Relaxing for once.

It’s been about a year and a half, and yesterday, all the small projects were finished. Is there still more? Yes, but nothing that should stop us now. The good news is that HQ is ready for fun. And being able to focus back on family and
This week we have a very special private event and will be reporting on it after it happens. But thought you may want to see some of the final touches.

Sign made from a scrap of varnished wood and old boat letters, sitting on an old crank jack.

Doors open, stays cool on hot days.

The back wall and trim is done. I used all the wood from the old bottom of a Rivera as trim. The wood panels are from the stacks of wood, split of the band saw.

Lots of small repurposed details. This is a transmission cover plate to cover a seam of the bottom planks

The parts rooms are painted the HQ Green

The Library is not a total mess. That hole in the ceiling is where the squirrels have chewed through. I am leaving that. makes me smile

The new fridge is covered, that wrapping paper was a gift from Bob Kays. We did not know but were bidding against each other on ebay for it. HA. I lost and Won!

The Library, kitchen and storage room of T shirts and Woody Boater stuff

Scream Shoe has a spot, old cleats as hooks and the WW2 binoculars ready to find submarines Wondering what Scream Shoe is? CLICK HERE.

I do appreciate all the kind words, and yes its been all consuming, and not really boats, but restoring, preserving a part of maritime history here has been one of the true joys of my life.
Stay tuned.

The family is giving me crap that the sign is unreadable. HEY! It fits the vibe, and the entire space is ALL ABOUT VIBE!

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15 Responses to “Global HQ Is Ready For 2022”
  1. Greg Lewandowski

    You are the king of recycling. The railway is looking good!

  2. m-fine

    I will have to have a chat with my mailman today. It seems my invitation to the private event got lost in the mail!

  3. BT

    The place is spectacular! That said, I am constantly confused with all of your photos of inside, outside, which room goes with which building?? And when you take on a project where do you make a mess – sawdust on the couch? in the roll top desk? Oh well, it is a super cool place to be extremely proud of. I might have to crash the private event to figure it all out.

    • Matt

      click on the HQ banner to the right. The website explains it all

  4. Floyd r turbo

    What a dream it would be to have a place such as this. I am beyond jealous.

  5. Rabbit

    It’s amazing. But no way in he** you’re done! You’ll keep tweaking until the day of your memorial service (at the Railway, of course.)

  6. Jim (the Lurker)

    Matt…whats that long, low table just on the other side of that laptop?

    • River Rat

      Unique just like you Matt. Just one question? What is the dusting protocol? I am proud to call you a friend I have never met. Got close once at Greenwood Lake.

  7. Cameron Searle

    The place looks amazing. The sign is perfect. I bet that would start a bidding war on eBay.