Mr B kept his eye on things to make sure no squirrels, birds, kitty cats, or a leaf got in the way.

In keeping with the surfing the current weather theme. As in, finding the silver lining in any weather situation. Today we bring you foggy days. Yesterday was a massive fog day here in Virginia. We have some big time warmth headed our way and after that storm that just wouldn’t leave, I suppose its what happens. I am sure the Woodyboaterville weather girls would have more info on that. But, for me, its always a new way to look at things through the tense. So today, you get the benefit, or cost of that. Whichever way you look at it.

Headed out into the abyss.

The rumble and trickling of the water is amazing in the fog

A decomposing Chris Craft cruiser at the dock of the Crazy Crab. Oh boy!

Bought at an auction thinking it was a steal. And here she sits.. This is like watching an elephant die a slow death and there is little one can do. UGH.

My first car free day. Yup, did not sit in a car or truck all day!

The softness of fog can add so much strength to any scene.

Flat water, and hints of color started to appear later in the day. Oh, it got better, stay tuned. I have enough milk here for a week.

Stay tuned, we have lots of wonderful images of a woody wedding as well!

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14 Responses to “Foggy Days Can Be Good Days”
  1. Troy in GA

    I love “no car days”.

    We are now taking it one step further with “no land days”. This is day six and we have only touched Tera Firma once.

  2. Greg Lewandowski

    Very nice photos in the fog. The only one I don’t like is the old CC Connie. That is so sad!

    • Bob

      This one is in Washington, DC and also needs someone to save it from rotting away. Reply if you know of someone!

      • Troy

        That beauty has been for sale for years!

        It even has a piano on board. Top speed 6 knots if I remember correctly.

  3. Kelly Wittenauer

    Wow! Never thought of fog offering such beautiful photo opportunities.

  4. Syd

    Fog is neat but also can be a very scary and dangerous situation like that when you can’t see the bow of the vessel that your on

  5. Tuobanur

    Foggy days, worry more about someone else running in to me. 😐

  6. ART A

    Foggy days here on the ST. Clair River brings fog horns from the freighters every 3 minuets as they transit the area.

  7. Dick Dow

    With limited visibility like you had, it can be beautiful and peaceful – and relatively safe. I have been caught a few times in sudden developing fog banks while cruising and (if possible) find a spot where I can wait it out – or if moored, stay put. I’ve got GPS and often cruise with folks who have radar, but I don’t go if I can’t see were I’m headed. “When it’s foggy, sit with the doggy… ” 🙂

    • Don Palmer

      You don’t own a doggy! You can borrow mine… If I get to come along!

      • Dick Dow

        Yeah – ” When it’s foggy, chat with the cat…” doesn’t have the same ring to it! Your dog is a lot bigger now. If he only knew how to handle lines in the locks… 😉

  8. Mari in Ohio (sometimes da U P )

    Cool fog pictures Matt. I personally like looking at my boats at the dock in the fog. I do not like to get out in it.

  9. Troy now in SC

    Sandi has a great cruising fog story.

    I will let her tell you when we get to Reedville.

    Radar is key.