Rest In Piece……s

Over the past week, Wayne Bomb and I have been clearing out some areas and found a bunch of Rudders, LOTS of rudders, props, shafts, and a ton..literally, of odd heavy parts. Of course many see this stuff as junk. I see it as elements of art. Colors, textures and each part has a history, soul and well. Those parts did there parts in keeping boaters safe and get to where they needed to go. Don’t they deserve a final port to rest?

Forever in our hearts and livers. Oh boy!

Do you chuck it. Sell it as weight, or keep storing it? mmmmmmm And then it hit Wayne Bomb. Make a grave yard. BOAT HILL. And Bam, a new story was born, and a dead space at the Railway can be used for the dead, and now has a purpose other than some of Mr B’s Post Stinky rides.

Rudders now tombstones, will all be lettered with the names of boats from over the years. We are gathering those now.

For those confused by several statements in todays story. Wayne Bomb is Waynes new name because he seems to always been photo bombing. And Mr B after every ride on Stinky.. well, seems to be motivated to “express” himself.

Limited Edition Sons Of Algonac Varnish T shirts ONLY IN ALGONAC!

BTW, Only 2 weeks til ALGONAC! For many guessing if we are going. Keep guessing. All part of the fun.

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15 Responses to “Boat Hill National Memorial Gardens At Global HQ”
  1. Greg Lewandowski

    Maybe we can think about a pilgrimage from Algonac to Boat Hill in the future. Seems like it would be an appropriate thing to do!

  2. Bob

    New attractions to see! WB HQ is becoming THE destination!
    Only one week to the Chesapeake Bay Show in St. Michaels, MD. June 17-19.
    Docks are full – 80 boats including an 80′ Navy boat; 85′ Army Air Corp Crash Boat and a Trumpy. Seminars and boat rides!

  3. Frank@Falmouth

    Maybe have just the tip of a bow section breaking up thru the ground…. “Its Alive..!” (Young Frankenstein)
    Your creative use of cool stuff, never ceases to amaze!

  4. ART

    Oh boy do I have the JUNK TO CONTRIBUTE (AKA art)!!!!! Better get a BIG trick Greg.

  5. John Rothert

    want a couple of big bronze props? Look like flowers…..need flowers on graves…
    I got em.

    John in Va.

  6. Dick Dow

    Will it be desecration when someone visits the graveyard and realizes that one – “third from the left” is exactly what they need for the boat they are working on and pulls it out? Or… is it Resurrection! 😉

  7. Mike D

    This is why I come to this site every day. What a great idea.

  8. CenturyMike

    Scribe some epitaphs on em … Here lies MV Saltydog, lost her sails and had to bail