Mr B has a new window to the world – No photoshop!

Okay, okay, things are now getting a tad silly here at HQ. But hey. The deck needed a gate to keep Mr B safe and well, after clearing out the shed, I have a ton….literally.. of odd ball parts. One of those parts was a cool PERCKO porthole, and since Mr B loves sitting on the deck keeping that eye on the neighbors. Well. in it goes.

He took to it real fast

The Office, and its security system.

And within seconds Wayne bomb says. It’s a B hole.. And a brand was created. just like that. And now on a Saturday, when you should not be reading this and be out boating. You get Mr B Hole.. BAM. GET OUT THERE!

Wayne Bomb trying to escape the camera.

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8 Responses to “Mr B Hole, The Newest Attraction At Global HQ”
  1. Syd

    Not quite boating but sitting here waiting to get in a building so I can teach a boating safety class

  2. Dennis Mykols

    Well, today was the Spring Lake Classic Boat Show, and the forecast was to be a balmy 73 degrees. BUT Lake Michigan had different plans. Wind off the big lake and heavy fog/mist lingered all morning. Temps hovered around 57 degrees, and most of us dressed for the mid 70’s temps!!!

  3. Peter medins

    Hi Matt.
    I seem to have dropped off your email list even though Your system says that I am registered. I thought you took a break after the wedding. I have donated in the past and really enjoy this community from afar. Please begin sending your posts to me again. I am not on Facebook or twitter.

    • Matt

      Peter the email widget is a train wreck and has to be reset so much I am redesigning it all. Sorry

  4. Chad

    Today’s story is way better than yesterday’s “Mr. A Hole”