Riva-aaaaaaaaah that looks so cool.

Today as a public service we are going to try and use Woody Boater to help you cool off. Here’s how it works. First we got us some fantastic water spray photos from Steve Lapkin, Bob Kays and Kent O.Smith. Thats a huge great start. But will it really physically cool you down? No. So you need to get a fan. I will wait.. Here are some spray shots to get you all warmed, cooled up, off?

Bob Kays captured this moment


Okay? Got the fan? Great, stick in front of your screen pointed to you. Feel that? Ohhhya..



Okay, maybe you are gonna get a little wet, but it is helping, and your significant other is looking at you and your fan.. and thinking. WOW, thats pure genus. Or WTH? Why am I here with this rock in the shape of a human. Either way, you are cool. Not looking.. but cool. Here ya go. Bask in it.

Under cover




Apple rip

Lapkin spray

Al doing his thing

Yikes, Kays Lava?

Feel that?

Oh hell ya!

More Cobra, you can never get enough Cobra

Fan still working? Or shorted out? Not working? Try these

Thanks jim


Cool enough?


Almost winter in Hessel?

There ya go, you are probably a little cooler than you were when you started reading this morning. COOL? You’re welcome

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24 Responses to “Wetnesday? I Have A Cool Idea!”
  1. John Baas

    You guys with the cameras…amazingly talented national treasures!

  2. Chuck

    Thanks Matt…Hot is relative…Just returned from camping trip thru PNW around the Puget Sound….85 degrees is considered hot…Back home it has been 105 for the last couple of days

    • Dick Dow

      Hey Chuck – Next time you’re out this way let us know. There is always a boat ride or two available… Stay cool! 🙂

  3. Kelly Wittenauer

    Love the spray shots!

    Reminds me of an exchange heard at a launch ramp years ago. At the time, we lived a few miles from Cheat Lake, WV. Kept the boat at home on the trailer & did the ;launch/retrieve thing each use. We’d gone early, to ski the morning glass. We were in the parking area, wiping the boat down after loading up. Next to us, family was preparing to launch their boat. Their son, who looked to be about 10, apparently would rather have been elsewhere & indoors. He looked at the cloudy sky & protested that “it’s going to rain”. His dad responded, “Boating’s a wet sport, Son” & continued with prepping the boat. 🙂 We still use that phrase!

  4. Scott D

    Getting wet in Falcon in Alexander Bay – 2019 – with my new friend Lewis Dobbins from California – great day! Chris Bullen photographer.

  5. Scott D

    Getting wet in Falcon – 2019 Alexander Bay – with my new friend Lewis Dobbins (California) – Chris Bullen photographer

  6. Martin L Feletto

    Me driving, Don Ayers first Riva ride, shot by Steve Lapkin.

  7. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P)

    Cool photos!! Makes one feel cool and wet. Another cool thing, today is my wife and I anniversary. For 37 years this lady has been putting up with my boat passion, and other strange hobbies and habits. I hope the run lasts a longer.

    • Kelly Wittenauer

      Wish you & your wife, a happy anniversary & many more great years together.

  8. Philip Andrew

    Fantastic shots! Even saw a pic of me through the spray. Love that shot Steve did that you sent in Marty.
    We’ve got so much spray in the sky down here and it ain’t slowing. Been raining for 7 days straight and forecast for another 3. Uuugh

  9. Martin L Feletto

    The picture was taken in 2004 from a helicopter.

  10. Troy in ANE

    Always loved this spray shot cover of The Brass Bell with our friends doing what we called “A Hang On” on Lake Cobbossee!

    Photo by Kent O. Smith

  11. first53resorter

    Kudos to Jane Larson capturing this moment last year. Jack and Lisa kept cool, thanks to Eddie’s quick throttle.