Steve Lapkin is ready on Lake Tahoe

Today is all about the Tease. Ya get just enough to keep you interested, yet not enough to feel full. Or maybe its that the little bits are more enticing than the complete picture, which is interesting since we are using pictures as the tease. Oh boy, LOOP ALERT.

Kent O. Smith captured some happiness in Clayton

Anyway, we have some Kent O. Smith from Clayton this past weekend, and some Lapkin tease for this weekend in Lake Tahoe. I gotta say, my vintage hats off to these guys for covering all this for us. And as a bonus extra, we may have some guest imagers. STAY TUNED.

Meanwhile in Lake Tahoe they are getting ready

Sunset ride in Clayton

Sunset on Lake Tahoe

Clayton! Oh Ya

Come on in.

OH and it’s not just boats they are capturing. Kent found this wonderful Sauna on the St Lawrence. WOW. A new Woody Boater HQ?

You know the difference between Philips head screws and Fearson? And dont get me started on the differences between 5200 and West Systems. Did you know that Epifanes and Petit are both varnish but are really different. Oh you think thats cool, do you use the correct staples to staple down the wires in your hull.. Oh I know, judging standards are so fickle all over the country. Tammy? Tammy? Why are you crying? Tammy?



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15 Responses to “East, West, Teaser Day!”
  1. Greg Lewandowski

    Some great shots to go with our morning coffee.
    Except I’m not sure about that sauna thing!

  2. Suzanne Smith

    Do I see a birthday cruise in our future? Happy Birthday to THE WoodyBoater.

    • Greg Lewandowski

      Happy Birthday to Matt da man. Get out there for that cruise with the Boatress!

  3. Dick Dow

    Happy Birthday Matt! Another year older, another year deeper in… 😉 Here’s to another great trip around the sun and more adventures for you and your family!

  4. Philip Andrew

    Happppppppppppy birthdaaaaaaaaaaay Matt THE WB.
    I hope you have a great day today. All the very best from me and my mahogany mates down here in Znew Zealand.

  5. Steve Anderson from Michigan

    Happy Birthday, Matt! I hope you are having more fun then me. I have been ordered to remove the boathouse from Harsens Island, as it’s considered a dangerous building. The dodge Brothers reportedly added the extention due to their longer boat. It was built by another executive and they used to come duck hunting here!

  6. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P)

    Late to the party. Happy Birthday Matt from us all🎂😎