Two boat loads of fun

We had a big windstorm pass through right before the HQ Agency party, and then 3 hrs of magic light, and no wind.. So we gathered up the crew and went out for a 45 minute sunset ride, and BAM, and then the wind came back. Its like the gods decided. A little boat time is a good thing for everyone.

A shot of me taking a shot

These following images are from some of my agencys crew. Its always interesting to see what others see.

Rides and Smiles..and wine.

The back of my head

The side of my fat head

Big smiles. I have worked with him for over 25 years.

Back at the ranch

The Boatress was working the bar

The fire pit was a huge success

The temp dropped to around 65. Like winter here.

Inside all was calm

Yesterdays header.

And just like that, the next morning. All was calm in the world. Plus a little Jesus light action


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10 Responses to “Hold On! Late Story Today!”
  1. Greg Lewandowski

    I already got it from the header. Crazy man standing on bow of boat mooning dolphins.

    • Cliff

      “Crazy man with traumatized family spotted on Bay again.”

      Locals still scratch head.

  2. mahoganymadness

    My morning routine is in ruins …stock market losses, fbfacebook is ehh…. the only constant was Woodie 630 am…now its anywhere from 5am(that was a rare one) to 10am…..oh the humanity of it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Matt

    All good, we are back! I had a conference call..zoom, with London and there time is very different. Ugh. Sorry.

    • Bilge Rat

      That probably would be a good idea. He needs a new marketing plan. Now photoshop a picture of Charles III standing on the king plank of Wecatchem.

  4. Art

    All is good Matt, I took this Saturday to sleep in toooo, also very rare for me.

    That short boat ride, with crew, looks like fun to me!!

  5. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P)

    Looks like a fun time. I am glad to see a finger in one of your shots. Even if it is a thumb.

  6. Michael Maddox

    That shot from the bow is superbly well-done!

    I originally thought it was a drone shot, until I saw the empty captain’s seat & some of the comments. Worth the risk for a shot like that, imho. That’s why I absolutely love used DSLRs! They’re cheap to replace in the event of getting damaged, and the resolution & optics have been BEYOND sufficient for at least the last 15 years… especially since print has become a niche market.

    Anyway… Kudos on that shot!