Ian! Please dont retire in FLA.

Ian seems to be avoiding my calls while busy off the Florida coast ripping up the planet. So maybe Ian is checking his phone while sitting there twirling around. And we know most of our Hurricane “friends” be nice.. read WoodyBoater. Who doesnt? Anyway, Ian, here is the deal. Tampa. Okay, they are a real big city and have “people” that deal with this kinda insanity. BUT, PAAAAAAAALLLLLEEEEEEAAAASEEEE! Spare Lake Dora, especially the new docks. PLEASE. LINDA!  LINDA!

So! Ian/Linda, please.. Perty please please. And for all of you in the path. We ALL send you kind hearts, best wishes, and gods speed. We are here to keep you in the loop, and help in anyway we can. OH, and send disaster pics.

This one from Troys brother who is a linesmen in FLA waiting. YIKES. For the record, I have worked on the communication efforts of Power Companies during these storms. Its insane the amount of prepping they do. Its a huge deal, and these Linesmen work there asses off.

Darla reporting this morning

And if you want to know more about Darla and Stella, The Woody Boater weather gals. CLICK HERE! 

OH THEY ARE REAL, AAAND spectacular!

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6 Responses to “Ian, IAN! Ohhhh Ian? Can We Talk?”
  1. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P)

    I was just checking web cams at Ft. Meyers, and Sanibel Island (the ones still in operation ). It looks like the wind is blowing VERY hard. Keep all of those still there in your thoughts and prayers.

  2. River Rat

    Prepare the life rafts, there will be rising creeks. If you live in low lying areas RUN!!!

  3. Art

    Yes we’re praying for our son in Deland and my boat and condo are in the path but we’re up here in Michigan still.

  4. floyd r turbo

    A predicted possible storm surge of 15′ – The highest point in Mount Dora is only 300′ above sea level. I hope whoever wrote the contract construction specs for the Tavares dock system specified resistant to class 5 hurricane winds. Just saw predicted winds in the Tavares area to weaken below 90 mph – more likely to be 60 mph. Sending prayers and positive thoughts to all woodyboaters in the path.

  5. Scott Robinson

    No damage on Lake Eustis, just some wind and rain, plenty of spanish moss to pick up !