Fresh delivery

OH! OH! OH! I know there are some of you that love to collect old 16 mm film, and oh boy, if you have not been on ebay, WOW. And there is tons of it. And yes, some bids already. But this is gold, and if you are the chicken dinner winner, PAAAALEASE lets do some sort of fun premiere here. Here is a small taste of some of the film magic.

The Parade

Even a gratuitous babe.

In the shipping crate, taken up the mountain

A Day at the boat show

Oh hell to the YA


All the right colors, textures! And look at that top.

You go girls, on a 58 Apachee

Power Wagon tours

Even a perfect snack bar. LOOK AT THAT PEPSI SIGN! AHHHHHHH

More delivery

Floating gold

Little Jewel out for a ride


More rides

Barb likes a no strap tan

Someones going water skiing

Great sign

Lets go!

The sign of all signs. OH MY GOD!

MOTHER OF GOD! The gates of heaven look like this. YES YES YES

Lets launch this water sucker


All. lined up and ready Mr Damile

Lets do that again

Happy chappys in some bad ass cool shirts

Almost everyone is happy

Yes, even a feather craft.



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15 Responses to “Colorado Goldmine Of Footage Classic Boat Goodness On Ebay”
  1. Greg Lewandowski

    Very nice. Like I said before, sometimes I wish I was born 25 to 30 years sooner! Truly a golden age.

  2. Greg in Ohio

    The only Chris Craft 23 Barrel triple cockpit with twin engines was delivered there in 1940. Now resides here on Indian Lake.

  3. Troy in ANE

    I wonder how many of the 190 Continentals built between 1957 and 1959 were delivered with that hard top?

    • Floyd r turbo

      I think it was Travis Hickman (might have been someone else in Tennessee at a Dixieland Chapter show) had a 21′ Continental Hardtop years ago- same color, beautiful boat – love that hardtop

  4. BT

    I pulled this image from one of the listings. I might have to buy the movie just to see what happened next!

  5. Kelly Wittenauer

    Very cool! Hope whoever buys these, will convert them to a format that will facilitate sharing them, here in WoodyBoaterville.

    • Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P)

      I agree Kelly. They would be fun to watch.

  6. Ollon

    Spent Labor Day weekend in Winter Park and went out on Lake Granby and Grand Lake. Beautiful area. Water was down a bit but nothing like out here in California.

    • Ollon

      Yes I know I know it’s a pontoon. We would have loved to rent one of the boats from the old fleet but they weren’t around anymore.

  7. Dennis Mykols

    When I look at how these guys maneuvered the boats, out of railway car, on to/ into trucks not designed for the task, I have to admire that generation, to have the Enginuity, and common sense to make it all happen.
    Alot of those trucks lifting machinery look hand made.

    • Troy in ANE

      My thoughts exactly!!

      Would LOVE to have a movie of that process.

  8. Jim G

    There is a picture somewhere that was taken I believe at Lake Winnipesaukee were they had run the r.r. tracks into the water and would back the boxcars in float the boat crank it up and back it out. Might be in one of the Speltz books.

  9. Ned Protexter

    That marina where Little Jewel is docked is still there. They have a coffee shop on the street side and rent boats on the lake side. Really neat place and there are tidbits of Chris Craft still around the property.