Perfection with a small reflection

The direction yesterday was clear around mid afternoon, and my Zoom call meetings had ended so I ran down to the slip and painted the door. And bam, just like that, she was all done. Of course now, I see that the window on the door is off, but we are just going to move on from that. Its actually an easy fix in the spring with some new trim.

I have the handle off and adding varnish.

Now, my confidence was resecured and was very happy about the door, and then Wayne Bomb, says, what about the cabin door a stern?


WHAT? AHHHHHHH! Wayne Bomb loves these little jabs BTW. Oh! He loves bringing up the ice cream I had for lunch in a casual way in front of the Boatress. Oh! YA.. BRO CODE RULE. What you eat on the road stays on the road. Anyway, I digress, So what color? I would have loved for this door to be wood, but at some point it was rebuilt out of a sort of composite material. SO? Options.

I have some special brown paint that matches the color of the wood.

All wood with a white trim around the window

All brown

With a touch of the pea green

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21 Responses to “We All Bow To Art. And Stern? Asking For A Friend.”
  1. Syd

    Ok my post of a touch of pea green does it for me disappeared
    But I stopped back by in because I realized that Sweet Pea is still missing something It too may also need some new color. Her Dingy

  2. Wayne Bomb

    Hey, did someone get the number of the bus that ran over me and then backed up and did it again? Matt, I knew you would get around to the rear cabin door eventually. I just wanted to give you a nudge, but didn’t mean to push you off the cliff. I also like the wood and green combo. All of us will have to defer to Art’s choice though. Gonna have a vanilla cone today at lunch to go with your dietary salad and unsweetened iced tea? Just asking for a friend.

    • Frank@Falmouth

      Hah ha! Good one Wayne… Dont let Matt get all the jabs in … Just commenting for a friend.!.

  3. John Rothert

    Gee, this paint color stuff is a long way from the average Woody Boater chores and tribulations. Like sinking, water in the engine, rot in the forepeak, fuel in the bilge…oh well…we must have moved to a higher level.
    Great Trawler no matter the colors.

    John in Va.

  4. floyd r turbo

    I don’t think you’re done with the side door yet, needs some bright trim to blend or match with existing cabin side trim.

  5. Arnie

    What about the life ring aft of the cabin door – white, pea green or for a real splash, international orange! This could go on & on.

  6. Ron in Seattle

    Sheesh… Morning Duplex coffee time here on the left coast, and you guys are having ice cream for lunch already.
    Yes, add some window trim to the green door as you have time.
    Leave the life ring white, paint “Sweet Pea” on it.
    Wayne is being an aft man!
    Door looks OK white, but brown with white accents the wood. The lower part in green is nice too. Leave that decision to the Boatress. I haven’t had enough coffee yet!
    BUT, and here I am making an aft out of myself, the two aft cabin windows bother me, they are the wrong proportions, the glass is too small. Replace them so they are all glass, leave the wood trim. You will also get better visibility of your aft end. Which may be a problem with the ice cream thing happening!

  7. Liz in Seattle

    I didn’t see the option of keeping the door white but adding brown trim similar to the two aft windows.

  8. briant

    Broken record….

    No no no. The rear door must be totally scrapped, made out of correct materials and then made to look exactly like the port side door.

    Yesterday…the port side door. Today…the stern door.

    Uh, why do I get the feeling that tomorrow’s header and story will be about the pink door on the starboard side ?


  9. Ollon

    IMHO. No more green. Rebuild rear door out of appropriate wood and stain and varnish the whole door. The side door looks best all varnished as well. I get the whole “pea” thing but enough with the green.

  10. Ray Saunders

    I agree with Floyd re the side door, but was too late yesterday to post. The bottom of the door-window frame should be at the same height as the window bottom trim on each side and should be brown. This would be the minimum trim required to match the rest of the sides. I would strongly consider adding top and side trim in brown at the edges of the door, above the above mentioned bottom trim. This would make the door top match the windows and the bottom trim would line up with the existing trim when open.

  11. Art

    Well Art is late to the party today, but he has a very good excuse………..Nicole.
    Yes we are in Astor FL and she paid us a visit last night. I woke up at 430 when the power went out…..ship!!! All was fine until it got lighter out, note that I didn’t say when the sun came Up, and I looked outside to see a sea of H2O all around the condo. The hurricane Nicole had peed on us all night which all went into the St. Johns river and made her banks go way under water. It didn’t get into the condo, but close. The real problem was the parking lot and the road leading into the complex. Our sons came to the rescue with big trucks to take us to one sons house where he has spare 5th wheel which will be home for the next few days.

    So door color ship is very low on my priority list, so paint it the way the Boatress wants it.


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