Using old stuff. Old letters, old name boards, and some Hardware. Even a little leather

While we wait for Syd to burn his house down with that old charger, and todays story is not more Sweet Pea stuff. This is for the workshop side door. I have been trying to give it a tad bit of character, as if this place needs more of it. And frankly, its getting a tad out of hand. But I love doing it, and its like making art.. Not that art BTW. So here you can see some of my playing around. Its all in the details.

I made a roof out of a trim tab, and some old wood. Not crazy about the white.

Here is a sketch, Red with a little metal lip at the top.

The door is kinda hidden.

From the side in the white and red

And red

I tried some old line and fancy knots to create a washer for the knocker

Clean is better


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15 Responses to “One More Side Door Design, No Not That One. Another One.”
  1. Greg Lewandowski

    The door is good but I really like the anchor of the day collection on the wall next to it! That is a first.

  2. Matt

    HA, thats all some found anchors. Wasnt sure what to do with them, Anchor Of The day is perfect.

  3. Murdock

    OK Matt.
    I know your secret now.
    You’re just a frustrated Hollywood set director who somehow found himself in Reedville, VA.
    For another side job, you can lease the yard for one more Hallmark Holiday movie………….just sayin’!

  4. Bilge Rat

    “you can lease the yard for one more Hallmark Holiday movie”

    Can I be the old crusty, unshaven curmudgeon guy who really has a heart of gold?

  5. Dick Dow

    Murdock has a great idea, but Hallmark Holiday -or- Hallmark Murder Mystery??? I think the door and “awning” look great! But when I see that trim tab and low, race boat transom I keep seeing a polished two-blade brass prop centered over the top of the door…

  6. Art

    We have a boat house on Harsen’s that has at least 100 anchors holding it down—- just in case a hurricane hits the island. As I recall I donated at least 2 or 3 t0 his “art” project.

    Art likes the red roofin.

    • Ima Fradawud

      Yikes! I can just envision a cat 5 spinning that boathouse into an anchor buzz saw cutting down everything in it’s path! ok, maybe not, but…

    • mahoganymadness

      i was just thinking that and thought it was odd art hadn’t chimed in…and here you are

  7. Floyd r turbo

    I’d replace that door frame which is rotted at the bottom with PVC replacement frame setback that they have at the big box stores. Then you won’t have that problem again. Because that’s every door entrance at my house that use that finger jointed crap. All the exterior wood trim in homes built from the 90s on as this crap and it won’t last 10 years in the south.

  8. Royce Humphreys

    Love the door treatment! The clevis door knocker is incredible and love the trim tab “eyebrow” above! Clever!

  9. Rabbit

    Every detail, perfectly dialed in. You remind me of my ad friends David and Theresa who own Camp Wandawega in Wisconsin (look it up on Instagram). I wish I had 1/4 your energy.


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