Backing out and ready to rumble

For those of you following Sweet Peas beauty make over, here she Is headed back home after her stay at the spa. She will get more touching up in the spring, and of course some good lov’n over the winter.

Her sister was there to give her some courage. Dang, Old Sweet Pea has some heat! YAAAA BABY!

Heading home after her beauty makeover – photo Wayne Bomb

BLUB BLUB – photo Wayne Bomb

Feels very American and classic now- photo Wayne bomb

back home at her slip. Oh all the dock boards were so excited to see her. Where have you been? OMG! You look so fab. The peers just stood there waiting for a line. No response, one day! One day, they will give us a line. And then. Okay, I need to go now its getting a bit off the rails.. GET IT.. Off the rails?

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15 Responses to “Sweet Pea Rides Again”
  1. Paul from Minny

    Matt, that color combo look stunning. Now, you know who’s boat that is. Love it! Especially the door.

  2. Syd

    I heard that Matt is still out there running her around. With that paint job he does not want to scratch it bringing her in to the pier

  3. Troy in ANE

    Now that she looks so FAB and is not leaking it is time to start planning a real cruise next spring/summer. Take a few weeks or a month and head up to Kent Narrows, Chesapeake City, Haver De Grace, or some other wonderful harbor in you beautiful home cruising grounds.

    My own version of “Cheeseburger in Paradise”!

  4. Steve Anderson from Michigan

    It does look AMAZING! What a beautiful boat. You have it perfect, other than one minor flaw that I can’t un-see. I this the curly Q’s on the bow need to be flipped left to right with the leaves on the stern end!

    (what, you thought you were done? We can’t allow that. What would we talk about for the next 4 months?!)

    • Floyd r turbo

      Yeah I kinda agree with Steve. Then when you get the consensus on that with paint they need to be carved into the sheer plank. Do you know if you’re dreaming you might as well dream in Technicolor. She looks very stately, all dressed up and no place to go as they say.

  5. Jon

    She looks great!! I hesitate to ask cause I don’t want to introduce something to torture Matt’s brain, or make more work, but what about some highlights for the Swoopy Do, like a thin dark (black or dark green hull color) or gold outline?


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