Today, we are HOLDING OVER the big Woody boater Sail – thanks to Steve Bunda and his idea from the other yesterday, and now you for feeding the comment beast. we are gonna open up the comment section to all that want to sell their crap. Stuff, Nice stuff, that is crap in your spouses eyes. Okay the stuff you really want for Christmas/Holidays, not the sweater or new underwear. Not that you don’t need new underwear. Okay I am going to stop this train of thought right here.

How does this work? Well just put your thing for sale in the comment section. And thats it. If someone wants it, I will try and connect you. I think if you put an email in a comment it needs to wait for me to clear it. And sometimes I actually may be doing something else. Like changing my underwear? SEE, dam it.

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66 Responses to “HELD OVER – Black Friday/ Saturday Sail Here At The Mall Of Woddyboaterville.”
  1. River Rat

    Sorry folks I am keeping all my boat related crap, and I would not sully the site with stuff that probably doesn’t float.

    • Victor Melchiorre

      I’m selling my 1970 XK19. Completely restored and fresh rebuilt 327 v drive. Comes with 2002 Trailmaster dual axle trailer custom made for the hull
      I’m going to list it on EBay in the spring if I don’t sell it beforehand. Located in Angola indiana near Lake James. 317-908-6728

  2. Bob Kays

    If I start selling my boat crap, that would be a very bad precedent. It could lead to conversations with my wife that begin with ” why not sell this one too” or “how about you sell this ” Next thing you know I have lots less boat crap. I may need that crap one day.

  3. John Rothert

    oh know how this goes….sell and you will need it tomorrow…no matter how long is languished in the shed.

    Boat projects today…I hope.

    John in VA

    • Art

      I would like to sell a set of 10 HP Chris Craft engine side covers. They are Painted Chris Craft outboard engine blue by none other than the late Lee Holland,………aka knowe as The Motor DR., A set of rare attachment screws are included .
      $200.00 + shipping

      • David LaChance

        Hey Art, I can use those covers if you still have them. How should we connect?


          Yes they are still available David.
 810 650 8319
          Where are you located and how soon do you need them? I ask because I’m in FL for the winter and they are in Michigan. If you need them sooner, I have a very good friend who I might be able to ship them for me.
          Maybe this could be the FIRST WB ship Store sale .

  4. Steve Anderson from Michigan

    How about listing things we need/want? I am looking for 4 of the angled step plates for my Continental!

  5. Frank@Falmouth

    Sell?….. Sell?… Im still acquiring stuff!… But seriously, I do have a 20′ 1950 ChrisCraft (R20-515) Riviera, was my first boat, bought in 1987 as a father son project that I was never able to make happen 🙁 Original bottom, good wood… Ive realized I do not have the time/energy/money to properly do the work (refinishing, 5200 bottom) but would like to see it in the water someday.. Im looking for the RIGHT person who knows the resources and skills to complete the job, which I was unable to do . Its a pretty much a refinish job, minor wood work if any.. but youd probably want to do a 5200 bottom to it.
    Will be relocating it this winter from my house in Arlington, to my boat barn here in Fredericksburg VA where Ill be able to take photos and take off the covers. Not in hurry to sell, but figured Id put this out there to the WB community where I wont have to answer questions from novice tire (fender?) kickers…
    No current photos, will take some when Im able to extract it and move it…Will consider selling for a fair price to the RIGHT person.

  6. Frank@Falmouth

    Sorry to continue…..forgot contact info.. re: Riviera.. franknstein1492@gmail (add the com)

  7. Murdock

    Uh oh.
    Looks like the Boatress proofs your blog……..better list a duplicate part or something real quick.
    I haven’t let Patti see WB today or she’d be the one listing.
    Something like this:
    “Open House Today and bring your truck, trailer and checkbook to Big Bob’s Bargain Barn for your FREE Boatyard samples!!!! Your check doesn’t even have to be good as long as you promise to take it all!!!!”

  8. Cliff

    1956 26’ Sea Skiff. “M”.
    Good project. Extra parts.
    FREE. bring a flatbed I can load.
    44114. Cleveland.

  9. Andy in Middletown

    Thanks Matt!

    1960 Lake n Sea… stalled project. Split, some fiberglass patchwork, and have a new cut marine plywood transom ready to go back in. Have all trim except for windshield. NOS quarter fin emblems. Nice thing about this one is you can see everything and you know what you’re getting into. Has a decent era appropriate TeeNee trailer that can go with it. Have titles for both trailer and boat. Located in Central PA with easy highway access for pickup. Email at arb225 at if you are interested and we can talk from there.

  10. briant

    Fifteen years and it is the “Mall of Woddyboaterville”…

    What the heck is a Woddy? Ha ha ha!

    Matt is the greatest!

  11. Mike D

    I never know if Matt is serious or not but I will give it a try I have a 1947 Deluxe Runabout (Hull number R-17-872) that I bought from a friend who was going to rebuild it who bought it from his friend who was going to rebuild it but along the way the three of us have given up. It is a pattern boat but I have made new frames and keel. It includes a Chrysler KB 121 HP. I have many parts a but I’m sure pieces are missing. No trailer so you will need to bring one to take it home. The boat is in a garage in northeast Wisconsin. Make an offer and let’s see if we can close a deal. If its okay with Matt you can respond to this post and I’ll respond with an email address.

    Thanks for this opportunity Matt

  12. Bill & Linda

    More Black-Hull boats, on Black Friday?
    Actually, this Glen-L boat could be for sale….respond here. Thanks Matt.

  13. Alex

    For sale. Ish. Maybe. Because this is hard. Because I so love these boats.

    25 Sportsman. Original Scripps 208 engine. Boat totally keel on up restored. Over $225 into her. That’s what it costs. Just ask my accountant. The finest 25SP there is, because she was done right and nothing was spared. I have another 25. Marion E. She’s our user. But this one is just too nice for my family and for me. We just don’t use her. Her name: The Majestic. Which she is.

    Feels strange to post this. Am I ok, Matt?

    • Troy in ANE

      Alex I would be glad to take Majestic off your hands!!

      I will even let you make some money on her. I’ll give you $250.00 and pick her up. Now if you decide the add the K after that number that I KNOW you have into the project I am out of the game.


    I have a brass carbide bow light (pat.1903) that I no longer use. Someone should have and protect it, or a museum as I have done since 1988. Oh yes I do have carbide chrystals to light er up. $1,900.00 US 416-587-1623

  15. floyd r turbo

    Double cockpit runabout Christmas ornament $18 includes shipping. See contact info from my other ads.

  16. floyd r turbo

    One prized possession CC LCVP prototype desk/paperweight 6 and 1/4″ long 7″ base. No markings, bronze casting? Best offer.

  17. floyd r turbo

    Cute Nautical cottage themed stationery in tin box, eleven cards and matching envelops. $22 includes shipping

  18. floyd r turbo

    Tin Raceboat builder kit ornament? with original box – newish 10 years ago. $20 includes shipping

  19. floyd r turbo

    Nautical cottage theme PEET fishing reel alarm clock has unique fishing reel sound when catching a fish. battery operated – works $45 including shipping (5″ diameter)

  20. floyd r turbo

    Derwent 14″ Scalex Electric Cabin Cruiser in original box. Missing cabin top burgee pole? Unsure of electric motor operations $45 includes shipping.

  21. floyd r turbo

    Scalex German plastic cabin cruiser 9″ long missing key wind? good for display. $22 includes shipping.

  22. floyd r turbo

    Sutcliffe Jupiter tin boat Ocean Pilot Cruiser Clockwork Boat With Key made in England, not cheap thin tin but sturdy metal boat. 9 and 1/2″ $90 includes shipping.

  23. floyd r turbo

    1935? HORNBY SERIES Motor Boat ‘SWIFT’ clockwork Motor pressed tin plate 13″ long blue hull,motor cover, cream deck, original decals, windup motor missing windshield.

  24. floyd r turbo

    1960’s SUTCLIFFE TOY (England) Tin Clockwork Day Cruiser Toy Boat 10″ some scratches on hull paint. $105 includes shipping.

  25. floyd r turbo

    Sea Queen Siren tin wind up Cabin Cruiser No. 88 vintage candition very light wear shown, wind up works and creates siren sound. $115 includes shipping

  26. floyd r turbo

    J Chein key wind tin cruiser Made in USE (shockingly) 9″ long minor paint wear, key wind good, minor paint wear $35 includes shipping.

  27. floyd r turbo

    Another J Chein key wind tin cruiser Made in USA (shockingly) 9″ long, key wind wonky, more paint wear than previous example above. $25 includes shipping.

  28. floyd r turbo

    Schylling Outboard Motor Speedboat Bluebird Toy Wood boat with Tin Metal Outboard approx 15″ overall length. with box, never played with about 10 years old? $25 includes shipping

  29. floyd r turbo

    Scalex 415S Electric Speedboat with original box all in great shape, new in box, never been assembled which means electric motor to be installed, along with stern pole and rudder. $75 includes shipping.

  30. floyd r turbo

    More photos can be sent along with detailed condition report upon request. Package deals for multiple purchases. These make great Christmas gifts for those hard to shop for. Check back here for additions such as old stern poles or tattered ensigns, vintage water skis, show posters, vintage boat post card collection. Inquire about vintage cottage accents like pack baskets, fishing gear, etc.

  31. Jim Staib

    Penn Yan Cartopper believed to be 1947. Used as a decoration in my last house. No room here. $1750 picked up in 45462. Just the boat and oars.

  32. Jim Staib

    Chris-Craft A70 engine core. Includes crankcase not in photo. I’m sure something is missing and it needs restored. Perfect for spares if you are running one. Believed to be a 1929. $7500 picked up in 54562

  33. Patrick Kiefer

    Can light 5″ d, 4 1/4 h. Probably not a Chris Craft, only 3 screw holes. New chrome.

  34. steve bunda

    Prewar vents with little bottom water dam inserts. Chrome plated and never installed. Condition 8 out of 10 or better . Very nice. 100.00 each is less than chrome cost. Free mail to lower 48 .

  35. steve bunda

    For Sale New Custom Phoenix Woody Boat Trailers. I am putting together a spring order . Trailers will be delivered to my shop in Northern Wisconsin in May 2023. Solid welded 4 bunk trailer custom fit to your boat , if Phoenix does not have your dimensions, we will need to measure your hull. The engineer comes to my shop for no extra charge and we measure the hull for a perfect fit . Thus, I would need your boat.
    Most trailers we order are optioned with , wood boat package, prop cage, LED lights , Aluminum mags, spare tire, Laser cutout Chris craft or Century back lit, Comes with pin stripes, load guide, F2 winch and jack, swing tongue. We can put surge brakes on one or both axels. Paddle type bow stop or custom rubber roller type.
    Thanks, steve

  36. John Rothert

    I know this for sale idea is scary at some levels…BUT it has really been neat! Wonder how we could do it from time to time without crooks, cranks, and crackpots?

    Just back from boat projects…Going Boating soon.

    John in Va.


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