Right now its 8PM on Monday and I am working on todays story, and since I don’t know what happened over night, I am going to post some sausage. After all good sausage doesn’t really age?  Wait, no, it’s sorta like Jerky. Jerky is always good for a road trip. Oh boy!


Dont really see post cards with Shepards on them

Reedville in the early 50’s

I wonder what her name is?

Cool post cards

Darla, Marla and Jane. Just go out and stand there. Look sexy? No?

I have so many questions

Where have I seen that sign before?

Pre war matches

Charlie M is the guilty one!

Actually a very cool pontoon. Words I thought I would never say.


WHY WAKE ZONES were created. What the hell?

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13 Responses to “Sausage Road Trip.”
  1. Troy in ANE

    I know this place well!!

    Christmas Cove is home to one of our favorite watering holes, Coveside Restaurant and Marina.

    • Troy in ANE

      Here is Melody at the Coveside dock just to the left of where Darla, Marla, and Jane are standing.

      We should add this location to the WB App. Oh, that is right the App went to Davey Jones Locker.

  2. Charlie…Hi Angels !

    Looks as if you name your kid Charlie that you’re setting him up for a life of trouble and failure…


    Charlie bites…
    Charlie covers a boat in fiberglas…
    Of course, Charlie Brown

    Charlie and Chocolate Factory…wait, aw he just got damn lucky after stealing those Fizzy Lifting Drinks….

  3. ART

    Since this is sausage day I will submit this delicacy ……..my mother would have been 107 today and this is her on the bow of her fathers boat at the DYC (Detroit Yacht Club) in the early 30’s.

  4. Dick Dow

    Now we know what inspired the song… As for the pontoon boat, it appears to have been inspired by the Kalakala – an iconic art deco inspired ferryboat that cruised by our house every day for many years, until retired by the State. It went to Alaska as a cannery, was brought back to Seattle a decade (or more) ago to be restored, but funding was never found and it was cut up and scrapped a few years ago. Look it up – it was an amazing vessel!

  5. thomas d.

    i still have my ”First Boat” book. i think i may have forgotten to return it to the library in the 60’s.