New Orleans

Yesterday we slipped out of Reedville at 3AM to try and get ahead of natures wrath. Which of course meant a hail Mary run, with 3 dogs, and so on. Didnt even stop for the never ending fast food crap. Just power through, and we did make it. 16.5 hours. But that sort of thing comes with a cost. SLEEP. LOTS of deep sleep, like 12 hrs of sleep. Anyway, I am here. Alive, awake and ready to eat. STAY TUNED. I am off to get some Beignets. OH YA! If anyone is down here, I will be in Bay St Lous reporting live for a week or so. And happy header Day

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8 Responses to “Alive And Sleepy From New Orleans”
  1. Floydrturbo

    Beignets Beignets Beignets. Omg I wish you hadn’t mentioned those because they are to die for high actually made someone time and they’re basically fried dough in powdered sugar and I don’t know why more people or more places don’t make them.

  2. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P)

    Burbon Street !!! Also take a boat ride on the Mississippi river.

  3. Greg Lewandowski

    Go see the Higgins Boat Museum. That will make a good WB story.

  4. Ollon

    My niece goes to Tulane. Big football game on Saturday for the AAC Championship. Roll Wave!

  5. Ronald

    Are youall not getting a little old for that kind of bonsai run? Lol. You dad to stop to pee surly. Have a great time.