We are working on it

The new site is about ready and little small things are actually kinda working. BTW the image above is the first day I owned a classic boat. About 20 ish years ago. I think, thats Just Swell, a 17 deluxe runabout I bought up in NY and she wouldnt start but we did get her going. Clearly we had tried her in the water with my pants all wet. Its all kinda of a blur .


Right after she was lettered.

And here is a wonderful shot of her from this Summer. Still bringing joy.

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19 Responses to “Today May Be The Day?”
  1. Greg Lewandowski

    Love those 17 ft. Deluxe Runabouts!
    Photo compliments of WoodyBoater.

  2. NR

    I just wanted to make sure the site still accepts FRP comments and restorations. Hard to believe this was the start almost 13 years ago. Told the wife “we’ll use it this year and then decide what to do.” Immediately a full demo.

    • Scott K

      I have a Glastron in that state. Facebook kindly reminded us that I tore it apart 5 years ago. Another reason to hate facebook.
      The XK needs a proper resto like your SS, but I think I’ll just keep adding band-aides.

  3. NR

    Good to see our minority group is still allowed. Seems faster. Worked well Matt.

  4. BT

    Hey Matt, The first photo with you in the wet pants: What’s the story on those pants? They look to be size 60 bib overalls. Do you still own them? Any photos of you in them? Did they earn a spot at WB World HQ? I hate to see a stylish look like that go unnoticed.

  5. Troy in ANE

    OH NO!!!!

    Something must be going wrong!

    There is a “DOCK SHOT” on WoodyBoater without having the line photoshopped out! THE WORLD MUST BE COMMING TO AN END!

    • Steven A Lapkin

      ………”little do I know when I take a ‘click'”……
      Thus, on the occasion of John Allen’s 2021 Bar Harbor Supper Club Antique & Classic Boat Show, there was a piece of Matt’s past, dock lines and all.
      “I’ll follow you anywhere, Mr. Smith!” SL

  6. Rick

    Still my favorite Header from the old days. A Sportsman not a Runabout but still a 17′.

  7. Matt

    We havent shifted yet, you will know for sure. Lots of work behind the scenes

    • Greg Lewandowski

      When I first fired up WB this morning, I got a “website under maintenance” message and a white screen. I thought that was the beginning of the end!

  8. Berlin Büro

    wow. this was a shot from the past. i loved that suburban almost more than the orange one! Dual captain seats!

  9. Floyd r turbo

    I wish my first Chris Craft was that nice 40 years ago, an 18 foot Riviera with three bilge pumps running off an 8D battery the size of a piano bench and weighed as much as the piano. It took three people to lift out of the boat. Those batteries had over 1200 cold cranking amps used to start Caterpillar Diesel engines. I still have most of the hardware lol.

  10. John Rothert

    I fear this shift to a new somethingorother is a lightly veiled attempt to ditch me off the site!!! Matt, and most of you all, know I am still in the flip phone era…..I will fight my way in somehow! or get a kid to help.

    John in Va.

    • Greg Lewandowski

      John I am at the same level of digital prowess. We will go down together!

  11. Floydrturbo

    It’s good to have an eight year old grandchild around that can help out with these technical issues on the computer. LOL I developed mainframe systems for 40 years and I swore I’d never touch a PC when I retired but it’s impossible to avoid.

  12. My boat sank

    I was thinking the wet pants had some thing to do with the actual header picture

  13. thomas d.

    lot of Deluxe Runabouts around, my ’47. both of us in better days.