As many of you know I love to milk a good story, and yet, its a fine line. Cause Milk goes rotten, and well. Here we are. Sitting. Lets just say, I started the tease a little…a lot too soon. We were ready to go. And boom. Like a rocket launch stoped before it blows up. And now with all this hype, it wont deliver on the sell job. UGH. Lets just say, I messed up. And so.. well so? All one can do is click on. And be 100% transparent. I mean its not like this crowd isnt used to crap breaking and well.. Not delivering on the hype.. Okay.. ugh


Anyway your comments have been the best part of this slow train wreck. So keep them coming. And yes, this is me buttering you up.. I kida have a lot of milk to use in another way? Butter? Milk? UGH!

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19 Responses to “Can Of Worms, And Rotten Milk”
  1. Greg Lewandowski

    Your milk man analogy made me think of growing up on the east side of Detroit. We would play in a field behind Holy Cross hospital that was littered with broken glass. In late afternoon we would walk over to the Twin Pines dairy a couple blocks away. They would put cartons of left over milk behind the building. It was usually still cold and tasted great after a day of playing baseball. We were all very happy kids!

  2. Bilge Rat

    Milk Man analogy:

    Growing up we had a milk box in the side of the house by the kitchen. An outside door and an inside door. When the milk man came. I’d open up the inside door to see Mr. Wilhelm through the box with our delivery. Kinda like an episode of the Land of Make Believe from Mr. Rogers Neighborhood.

    And yeah, I am that old.

    • Greg Lewandowski

      We called those a milk chute. We locked ourselves out of our house once and my dad pushed my little brother through the milk chute to unlock the back door!

    • Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P)

      What can I say after that Troy! Matt would probably delete the comment that I’m thinking. The only appropriate thing I can think of, is that pasturized or homogenized Milk?

  3. ART

    My boatress asked me why am I turning blue………………….I said its all the milkman’s fault……..BAD MILK!!!

  4. ART

    What I didn’t notice the first time that I saw the WB milk wagon was the milkman and his little helper, upon closer inspection,………its the same guy that delivered our milk as a youngster………Hi Dad.

  5. Troy in ANE

    Art: Are those the infamous smoke stakes over the bow (oops, hood) of the milk truck that I have read about on WoodyBoater?

  6. Walt

    I was hoping for a few more shots of Mr B playing on the beach. Seriously.

  7. jimmuh

    You guys and your milk deliveries! When I was a kid we had to hand-crank the separator ourselves to get the milk from the cream!
    At least in the summer while visiting Gram ‘n Gramp on the farm….