Historic headers

One of the huge deals we are dealing with is saving close to over 3,000 headers. The header widget we have been using is not updateable and may cause a loss of sorts. We are working through it, and so I have been saving my favorites. Funny thing, I love making a great header, and sometimes it can take longer than a story. But thats all part of the fun.

I have been doing a ton of header days latley because of this. Header days are the days you can hit refresh or click on another story and a new old header appears from the past. So today we celebrate the life of headers. Enjoy.

Lustful headers

Lapkin magic makes fantastic headers

Soft light can be magical

Peace on earth

One of our first headers from the Ladonnes

Light and texture

Another very early header

Another favorite header with a powerful message, Thanks Rabbit for that line

Kent O. Smith always delivers a killer header

Sometimes the light just happens

Saying goodby in an artistic way

Sometimes a great header isnt about a boat

This was a boring shot with almost no color. I added a bit of life to it

Bob Kays always delivers

News events can make shocking headers

Back light is magic light

A good wake splash can make a great header

This image still cracks me up from Lake Dora, this was a real situation.

I love a good photoshop jike

The day we found Stinky

A once in a lifetime oportunity, Craigs hand made the shot magic

Sometimes you are in the right place at the right time

I spent several hours on this one. Still cracks me up

Enough said.

The Boatress captured this fun moment

Sometimes the light just is magic

Light is the paintbrush of the gods

Loved this image

The photo that got me in trouble with the Chris Craft Antique Boat Club. MR B as a puppy

Sometimes it just clicks

Loving shooting in the dark

Sometimes it just clicks

Flat water is gold water.

From the bow shots

Mr B still working a great header

He is always trying to please us all


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18 Responses to “Headers, Headers, Everywhere Headers.”
  1. Murdock

    Headers are “touchstones”.
    And having access to yours allows us to look and remember what this crazy hobby and all of our friends are about.
    Thank you!
    p.s. Matt, can you create a file link we can access with your permission to peruse the past headers?

  2. Art

    It’s nice to sea Molly-O made the cut…………………well at least her rear end.

  3. Greg Lewandowski

    The creativity and quality of your headers has always been amazing. For a long time WoodyBoater like me, todays story is like looking at a family album and smiling. I sure hope you can save them all and put them in a collection. Maybe a book!
    Thanks for the memories!

  4. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P)

    What a great way to start the week. Looking at those old Headers, brings back a lot of great memories that Woody Boater has provided. Keep em coming.

  5. John Rothert

    Headers? hell, I thought we were in for another boring World Cup story…whew…..

  6. Syd Marsden

    Headers are great as long as non of us are taking a header. Those kind hurt

  7. Rabbit

    Some true classics there, Matt. Wecatchem narrowly nudges out Mr. B for most appearances.

  8. Jim (the Lurker)

    Matt…gained a new appreciation for your headers…Thank you …Also, special mention to Rabbit for his header commentary on the long term value of family boating as well…

  9. Mike D

    Have you considered putting a date on each photo?

    I can’t imagine how fast Mr. B was running to have a wake like he produced. It looks like four steps caught in the photo unless you did some photo shopping.

  10. Steven A Lapkin

    Mr. Smith:

    I see you as ‘antique’ but not ‘ancient.’

    I/We ‘get the hang’ of you: a concept champion whereby each moment affords us zen moments….you unfailingly yield the full Monty.

    “Are you ready for another (your) close up?” You’re just a click away.

  11. Kent O.

    When I submit a story to Matt, I don’t tell him which image to use as a header, he chooses it. Sometimes it’s the one I had in mind and sometimes his choice works much better. Everyone sees differently and that’s the most fun of all.

  12. Troy in ANE

    Along with my OTHER pictures I have quite a file of headers if you lose yours.

    Here is an example of just the ones with my photos in them. I notice non of them made the cut today.

  13. Troy in ANE

    You also left out one of my Favorites!

    This is the one that started my annual trek to Mecca (AKA: Dora).

  14. Troy in ANE

    I am proud of you for including the Shaun Fenn version, but REALLY, you left out one of the most classic headers of all time.

    • Don Ayers

      Oh, this was a great story that few know what really went on behind the scenes. Perhaps with Matt’s permission we’ll tell it. Hint, the story ended with an article in the Brass Bell on Miss Chris Craft

  15. Philip Andrew

    Epic images. I love the headers. I don’t know if it’s the years of ad making in me but I think they take on a whole new level with type added. Beautiful work Matt and the photographers.