As we weed through the crap, we have found a phantom site within the site. Yes, there is another WoodyBoater within WoodyBoater. Like one of those huge tumors.. You know, the kind that have teeth and hair. Oh, yes, they exist. And if you want to loose your Cheerios this morning google it. They also have ones with hair and yes Eyeballs. Thats what the backend of Woody Boater looks like. Now, add to all this 55 Gigabytes of space being used by over 300,000 images, and videos and general crap. And oh boy. We are contemplating amputating about 10 years worth of content. Putting it on its own server. maybe a Woody Boater Archives of sorts. SO? Now what? Well, first we need to move the big switch to the new year so we can have our Annual Holiday party and so on. NEXT WEEK.  TUESDAY DEC 20Th


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10 Responses to “We Found A Tumor, And 55 Gigs of Crap”
  1. Rick

    Maybe it’s just benign prostatic hyperplasia? Does the site wake up multiple times per night?

  2. Old Salt

    So in woody boater terms. You found major rot in a board and have decided not to just paint over it and hid it. You have decided to carve out the chunk of rotted wood and place it in a jar for everyone to see if they so choose. The question is do you replace the entire board or can you just create a dutchman to patch the exposed area?

  3. mahoganymadness

    I think It’s more a bug in the system…..or more specifically a termite

  4. Troy in ANE

    In Troy terms: You did a self exam and found a lump. Now lets get it out of there, do some treatment, and “live long and prosper”!

    Big or small, save them all!!!!!

  5. Walt

    I guess you’ll be buying some file cabinets to store those archives. At least there’s enough room in the Woody Boater World HQ for a few file cabinets.