Mr B is ready!

Are you ready for the big holiday party this Wednesday? Actually our 15th one? Yikes, are we all that old? Anywho, all the regulars will be here, and we hope some new friends as well. BTW, you may want to load up on the Pepto Bismal. Just Sayn.

We found an NOS pack of wieners in the freezer.

Fuel up.

You never know who will show up

We understand Dean is driving here this year. But there are some check points for sure, so not sure he will make it. Hey?

So this Wednesday, The 15th Annual Holiday Party. Please come on by

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20 Responses to “The 2022 Holiday Party Is This Wednesday!”
  1. Greg Lewandowski

    Sure glad your “new website” stuff isn’t going to mess up the party. The Michigan gang is getting ready, I think!

  2. River Rat

    Oh boy an opportunity to practice my drinking while operating a virtual wood boat

  3. Berlin Büro

    Holiday party the day we leave the Baltic Sea? Time to start photoshopping

  4. John Rothert

    I think Deano is in one of those really cool Lincoln’s …our Woodyboater old pal Keith Colonna has one of those I think…
    the party: be there or be square…

    John in Va. I don’t drink so I will watch the rest of you get silly and be designated boat driver.

    • Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P)

      Man! Yesterday the comments drifted to Corvairs, today its Vegas. WTF at least were not talking about Chevrolet Vegas.

  5. John Rothert

    Good work on I D ING the car….pulled up some pics….see a lot of late Studebaker influence…GT Hawk and the like.
    I don’t know how they pronounce Facel and will leave comments to Troy.

    John in Va.

  6. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P)

    I will be at the Christmas party again this year. I hope there are other Yoopers , as well as Ohio people there. I’ll bring some Bosch beer. Hopefully some of Troys Santa helpers will show up!

  7. Ollon

    Seems similar to my 74 Jensen Interceptor. Also multi maker parts car. Was lots of fun in the day. If I can get it out of storage and it starts, I’ll bring it to the party. Would love to race Deano.

  8. Rabbit

    I also loved Dean’s Mercury station wagon from his Matt Helm movie “The Silencers”. Had a bar and a bed. Perfect for the WB Holiday party.