Well, Christmas is over and we are getting close to moving on to 2023. How does this all seem to happen so fast now? And this week between Christmas and New Year, we shut down the agency so everyone can gather their thoughts and be with family. But when its this cold outside? Yikes. There is no heat at the Railway, so it just kinda sits there. And so, I need to find things to do so I don’t go nuts. Being a person that always needs to be doing something. Although sometimes doing nothing is doing something. Kinda like this story. Its got words, but not really about anything. In fact some of the words are probably not even fused together correctly or being used in a proper way.

From the makers of Big Yank Matched Sets. Well that changed in meaning over time.

The Aquamaids are still a thing. So cool. Love this linen post card

There is a special something that this photo captured. In BW you can feel the warmth, and the truth of history. I so wish I could spend a summer day on one of these porches. Sadly this neighborhood is probably all manicured now, houses are 1.5 million and ugh. There is a wonderful shade created by the trees. I do wonder what color that car on the left was. Maybe a med Blue or red?

Other than the dangerous situation here with swimmers. This is a very well crafted and art directed ad. This is how it was done. The photo is a work of art. A composite made back in the airbrush days, and very well done. And not cheap. Chrysler spent some big bucks on the photo. The copy is done perfectly, note the tight rag of the text which allows the smaller images to fit into the copy. WITHOUT ANY WORD BREAKS – Thats not easy to do. In some cases, the copywriter and art director would work together in word counts to pull this off. This type was NOT computer set. All done on paper, then pasted down, and cut letter by letter, then done again and again. The headline would have been done on a typositer, and cut together. layers of pasted type overlaying the stat of the image as a position only. This ad took over a month to produce. Now adays, its all done on a laptop, photoshop and so on. And sadly very few photo shoots. My hats off to the art director on this one. It’s got Chick MKinny written all over it. Well done.

As a comparison, here is a lazy mans version. Note the train wreck type setting. Lazy. The photo is a lame one off. And really? 4 guys and one girl being tossed around. Ugh. This ad pisses me off and lazy creative is insulting to folks that try to make it an art.

Thats a whole lotta womans in that little boat. And yes I know its a photo prop thing

Belle isle Michigan, back in the canoe days

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11 Responses to “Twas The Day After Christmas, And All Is Too Quiet, So A Little Sausage.”
  1. Greg Lewandowski

    That photo of the canoe on Belle Isle brought back some memories. As a young kid I spent many hours paddling on those canals. On the East side of Detroit I was just called “the island”.

  2. Mike D

    Regarding the color of the car, I grew up in the early 50’s with the understanding that cars could not be painted red so they did not get confused with fire trucks. Does anyone know if that was true?


    The first blacknwhite / header photo is a Mullins outboard, probably silver in colour!
    Do have a great andf healthy 2023..

  4. Art

    The Halifax River is about 20 miles east of Astor where we are in FL.
    I know where a Chris Craft Sedan just like that one can be had for the price of a Champion’s Auto Ferry ticket.

  5. Rabbit

    Matt, I’m guessing I’m one of maybe five Woody Boater readers who appreciates your shop talk around the type design on that Chrysler ad. I grew up in advertising writing 3,000 word print ads for Porsche, Bloomingdale’s, etc and had to constantly re-write the copy to fit “the wrap” and make sure there were no word breaks. At Fallon we had a full time type designer who worked with the art directors to make it all perfect. It was called craftsmanship.

  6. Dick Dow

    One of the dads in the group we cruised with when we were growing up had the exact same plaid polo shirt/shorts as the guy in the Big Yank ad. The print of the girls skiing along side the Chris Craft sedan is one of the decorative pictures found in nearly every room at Campbell’s Resort on Lake Chelan, which hosts Mahogany and Merlot every fall. It’s unfortunate one of the women sat on the rail getting into that little Century… I appreciate that Chrysler ad as well – my college degree was VICOED – basically commercial design and art – useless skills in today’s world, but all of the techniques Matt mentions were learned – and – it did get me my first job within the engineering department at Kenworth Truck Company. 🙂

    • Dick Dow

      Oh, and that racer pictured is Curt Erickson’s “Miss Sydney” moored at the resort on Lake Chelan.