You know those nights where you can’t sleep? Well, I had one of those, and ding dang. Boy that clock flew by and I just let myself stay asleep. I know its a lame excuse. And I am trying right now to start my engine. It’s just clicking, and turning over like a chug. UGH. If I had any story idea its gone, or not being charged up once the engine starts. If one could visualize whats in my brain right now. Its a lot of emtyness with maybe a moth fluttering trying to get out. Ya.

Happy Header day, and the comment section is all yours. Buy Sell, whatever, just leave the lights on for the next person. Mine are out

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19 Responses to “Ugh! I Over Slept. That’s The Truth.”
  1. Greg Lewandowski

    Since it’s almost the end of the year we will cut you some slack. Enjoy a lazy day!

  2. Art

    Matt is there any way to copy and paste a few of the comments from yesterday? I tried with no luck.

    • Floydrturbo

      Art, you can take a screenshot if you’re on iPhone or do a screen copy on your desktop save it as a JPEG then you can send it or post it here as a picture.

    • Kelly Wittenauer

      Just wanted to say thanks for calling my attention to the Alden B. Dow designed house in the CC ad, a couple days ago. As a mid century modern architecture enthusiast, I enjoy the work of Frank Lloyd Wright & those who studied with him. Was familiar with Dow’s work, but the Leroy Smith house was new to me. Much enjoyed looking it up!

      • Art

        Kelly, actually we were friends with Frank Smith, no relationship to Matt or Chris, and Frank was Leroy’s son. He has since passed and the house has new owners. We have heard that they have done some interior redesign, which I’m told has compromised the original design.
        The original house did have one very glairing flaw………it was built on a very low piece of land and therefore was/is subject to flooding.

  3. BT

    I’m just glad to be part of the audiance. A great way to kick off the mornings with some fun thoughts, and some historic nautical information that I will almost completely forget by lunchtime.

  4. Troy in ANE

    Headers, headers, and more headers!!!!!!!

    Another one of my favorites for sure!

  5. Randy

    By the description of your problem it sounds like your not getting any spark. Maybe its’ time to change out those points that you made for electronic ignition (decaf).

  6. River Rat

    Yet….You pulled yourself up enough to post a story that proves once again your a person with alot of heart.
    Plus it adds to the click total.

  7. Steve Anderson from Michigan

    You have definitely earned a free pass! We’re still having fun, so go back to sleep…

    I was a little stunned when I opened a gift from my daughter in law and it was labeled “ball cleaner”

  8. Mark in Ohio ( today in Florida)

    Don’t worry about it Matt. Us commenters have enough bull$h!t to keep it interesting and help keep this whatever it is afloat.

  9. Steven A Lapkin

    MS………………maybe this will help set ‘the moth’ free from your gray matter?! Remember the day? There will be plenty more of these, for sure. Best, SL

  10. Chuck Crosby

    Your timing is perfect for me…I slept in and am on the left coast…

  11. Kent Armstrong from Valparaiso, IN

    MS…. If you don’t remember Steve’s photo, how about this one?