What a year. I have looked through the 5,043 images we have posted in 2022, and tried to get a taste of the larger stories of the year. Hands down though is the Molly O No story. Still cracks me up and was milked to the fullest extent possible thanks to Art. Kent O, Steve Lapkin, Bob Kays,  Dane Anderson and many others sharred some amazing images. And the Railway HQ got a ton of improvements and some amazing events.

Mr B Feb snow fun

Signs were painted in Feb

Boats were varnished

Old photos were found


Tools repaired

Cups were made

New campaigns

More Snow!

New weather girls were found..on ebay

A deck was built

And over built

Stalkers came by to visit

Things got colorful in New Jersey

A little whackadoodle in Florida

Post Covid Joy

Florida sunshine with Wayne Bomb

Lots of splashing around

Love this shot

New finds

Warming up and signs going up

New Old Work benches


Oh boy

Kent you golden dog you

A bathroom was reborn

We lost so many friends this year

Sunrise’s are better than sunsets.

Bilge watch Beach was made

A once in a lifetime photo

Fun with photoshop

Lots of wonderful guests at HQ

New Otto Pilot

Family fun on the Bay..in May

A Woody Wedding! The event of the year.

Moments captured

Joy on the Bay

Warmth and Love



New Toys for Howe Marine

New images found

Official wedding images

New shirts made

Red Cobras?

And Black Cobras

Sinking ships

Tall Ships in Maryland


Pure gold! Pure pure gold

Algonac has a Reedville Exit now thanks to Art

The true joy of friends

Pulling a Harrison in Ohio

UGH! Original Cobra Gold. AHHHHHHHHHHHH! hands down one of my top 5 boats of all time.

True Algonac happyness

over 100 years in the taking of this image

He was there

Yup, cant have enough of this.

Meanwhile in Maryland kent was getting soaked

And George and I were just watching

She lives another day

Love me some big numbers

New family members. ZIGGY!

New Adventures for us all to share

Art by Lapkin in Tahoe

Getting warm in Reedville

Lapkin splashes

Big money patches


New Chapters for the Sons Of Varnish

Sunset magic

Art and his Art that is trully Art in this photoshop art


Upstate NY in the Pink

A new flagpole was installed

Art found an old bag.. No a real bag.

One more roadtrip to Michigan in a month. WTH?

Kent shoots Clayton

Lapkin in Tahoe. On Tahoe?

Says it all

Home and hanging out



Woody Boater Big Pebble Beach Winners

Gull lake

And back at HQ

Fire sky at HQ

New Fire pit at Bilgewatch Beach

Smokem if you gotm

Ready to go

Summer light

We need more young people

The show I had to miss because of Covid

Ya that happened

But so did this

Office party at HQ

The big color change

Another great loss.

New Color


A gift from the feild

History on the rails

Sunrise gold

True friends are always there. Ready to kill you!

The door

Like a painting

New shelves

Rady for another party

New details – trim tab roof

Christmas party lights

The Queens Ball 2022

Color of Fall 2022

New Orleans

A holiday in Bywater

And another new member of the family Tootie!

Mr B-ay St Louis

The Joy of light

Sign restorations

Last Gasp images from Kent O

And the not called a planer

There are so may more images to do. But been loading since 5AM and starting to get emails and welfare checks to see if I am alive

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25 Responses to “2022 A Year In Over 100 Pictures.”
  1. Mike K

    Wow what a year

    How long did you spend putting that together

    Thanks woodyboater

  2. Matt

    HA, been up since 5AM Looks like over 110 Images. Dang out of over 5,000 for the year. And in total we have close to 60,000 images on the site. Lots of scrolling to get to the comments though. HA.

  3. tparsons56

    Matt – Thats for the great pictures as it brings back some wonderful memories of the last year. Now on to 2023 and hopefully even better times!

  4. Kelly Wittenauer

    Over 5,000 images in a year is amazing! Most of those images themselves, are amazing as well!

  5. Art....this Art

    Awesome…..Awesome…..Awesome, that’s all I can type because I have to go soak my finger because of ……lots of pure golden MEMORIES..THANKS!!!

  6. David Clyne

    What a beautiful year you have shown us. Boats, people, sights, events – my cup runneth over. For all the highs you shared, congratulations !

  7. John Rothert

    Great stuff! Miracle warm day in VA…..yep….Going Boating!

    John in VA

  8. Troy in ANE

    What a great way to recap the year.

    Some of those images seem like yesterday while other feel like years ago.

    This sign that I found on the way to Dora in 2022 pretty well sums it ALL up!!!!

  9. Mark in Ohio ( today in Florida)

    Art, you have one mishap and you never live it down. Oh well it makes for a good story and good pictures. I did notice Matt, there was one thumb and no fingers in any of your pictures. Perhaps you leave that up to me. Great pictures ! like it was said earlier. Brings back a lot of memories. Keep up the great work.

  10. Wendy Ann Nelson

    Boats, friends, family, history, dogs… all in beautiful photos. It doesn’t get much better!

  11. Shep on lake Shafer IN.

    Thanks Matt for another year!
    Great pictures! Brings back great memories!
    Wishing a happy and healthy new year to all in Woodyboaterville

  12. Ollon

    Wow another year in the can. Thanks Matt, for giving us all a place to go every morning. You never know what you’re going to see on Woodyboater. Especially when Troy is around.

  13. Greg Lewandowski

    Well, I’m checking in late but didn’t want to get left out. Very busy day with one of those family things called getting my daughter moved into a new home.
    Great and beautiful review of WoodyBoater 2020. Thanks Matt for all you do and thanks WoodyBoaterville for all of the fun and craziness!

  14. Steve Anderson from Michigan

    Sorry for the late comments. I am trying to figure out if I missed the story about Yip Yap falling off the trailer, or just forgot about it!

    Take good care of her. Some of the chain gang has an emotional attachment to her now!

  15. Murdock

    Thank you Matt for all the memories!!!
    Let’s go create more in ‘23!!!!

  16. Dan m silver arrow sa19-10

    Thanks Matt for all you do bringing us woody boater every day and keeping the wooden boats alive and the classic fiberglass I hate to see any old boat destroyed every one have a great and happy new year at woody boater