On the left in the window.

Well, I bet you didnt see this kinda story coming? Me either. But here it is. A Story about painting a new AC heater window unit. And its late to boot. Anyway, in the office at HQ it needed heat. I was headed down Mini split lane and an AC heat pal suggested a window unit. Who knew? But here it is, 18,000 BTU heats and cools up to 1000 sq feet. And the only issue with it, is, its a bug white plastic clop of crap sitting in the over art directed office. So what to do? I will let the pictures tell the story.

Wayne Bomb wondering how another year has gone by and he hasnt killed me yet.

I took the cover off and decided to paint it. It can be done.

See! Red Primer spray and then two coats of Matte Clear

Installed. Also 220 installed And yes that white section is driving me nuts. I am thinking about some sort of door, flap thing made from an old AC window unit. Did you know there are people that collect old AC vintage units? WTH?

Again, Before

After. I also painted the window to match, everything is painted in Bilge Red. No, really Bilge paint

Today I am splitting some cedar from the wood piles and finishing the wall.



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12 Responses to “Vinatageising A New AC Heater Window Unit For A New Year”
  1. Kelly Wittenauer

    You never miss a detail – HQ looks fabulous! Need to get there someday.

  2. Floydrturbo

    You’re just a party animal on New Year’s Eve. Does blend in now. Are these less expensive than the mini splits then?

  3. Matt

    Yes I stayed up til 1AM. And yes, a Mini Split is around $2K – $4K and install a bit more complex. Also where to put that thing, this was around $650 and plug and play. So worth the chance. Hell, I could get tow of them if needed. I just need it to knock off the chill and heat in the summer. I will let you all know how it works once it gets cold outside.

  4. Greg Lewandowski

    Nice job. It looks great. I don’t think you should stress over the white control panel. But if you must, it looks like about the same size as a CC hull plate. What ya think?

  5. John Rothert

    The mini splits, in my experience: AC great, Heat not so much…you did the right thing…those window unit/motel type units have come a long way.
    nice job.
    I was coming by the railway yesterday but couldn’t find it in the fog!

    John in Va.

  6. Mark in Ohio ( today in Florida)

    Interesting. I wish you had said something Matt. I have a 1956 RCA window unit that still works great. It is not to electrical efficient tho. I would have let it go cheap. Oh by the way, you need a Chris Craft plane on that tool wall. Just sayin. Happy New Year to all you Woody Boaters.

  7. Art.....the artist

    I agree that it could use some camouflaging…….but it could be as simple as placing a can or tool on the shelf in front of it.

  8. Troy in ANE

    Happy New Year!!!!!!

    Looks great!

    Sandi just a couple of years ago. Kind of a pre-courser for our life today?

  9. Mark

    Get a hinge, double sided tape and a piece of plastic or sheet metal and make flap that is normally down.

    Thanks for the info on the window unit. Definitely going that route when I build my new workshop.

  10. Rabbit

    A little late to this story. May have been that New Year’s Eve effect. But these are the radiators that were added to our 1939 vintage cabin in Balsam Lake, Wisconsin. The previous owners (we adopted this slice of heaven in 1998) hand painted all of them in wood grain. How fortunate we were to inherit it from caretakers as anal as we -and Matt- are.