What a breath of fresh dusty air. A real clock, real broken and repaired bakelite, might cause an electrical fire, and dare I say a tad boring REAL! Now this is how ya find them. Note no ® after the Chris Craft logo. Now of course one of the fake clock makers is going to try and replicate this, because, well, because they take all the fun from finding such a jewel…with no jewels. Get it, thats a clock joke. Hey its all in the timing. Okay, okay. TRY the veal.

No one faked the bakelite crack

Wait, it works! It’s 6:06 AM?

It “feels ” real from the pics. But a good close look, and yes.. wait for it.. A sniff and touch would confirm it.

Todays Header is a combo of some vintage wallpaper we did a story on a while back. I knew it would come in handy.

Now, I dug a little deeper and found a fun website on Telechron clocks. I love this guy, he is as bitter as we are about the fake stuff. And from looking around, I am gonna say this is a 1945-1949 clock. A Commercial use clock Anyway here is the link to Telechron.net..  you can dive deeper into Telechron clocks all you want. Go for it. You have the time.


WE JUST GOT WORD FROM Jim Staib, this may be one of the clocks an antique dealer 20 years ago made from old clocks. So it may not be real. The clock is real, but the face May??? be a remake. I DO HATE ALL THIS. And for the $900 it would need to be 100% authenticated.  Sorry for the confusion. It kinda looks like the face may be original and the CC logo would have been screened onto it. Dam! Or it is real. Or Memorex? 

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20 Responses to “Real Chris Craft Marina Clock On Ebay, It’s About Time! UPDATE! Read At Bottom”
  1. Mike D

    If my feeble memory is right…”it takes a licken n’ keeps on tickin”

      • Mike D

        No problem Art. I am always amazed when I actually remember something from yesterday let alone from decades ago. I did not mean to criticize.

  2. John

    Loved the John Cameron Swayze commercials for Times. Attaching a watch to the prop of an outboard motor was an instant classic

    • Mark in Ohio ( today in Florida)

      I had forgotten about the outboard lower unit and the Timex. Can anyone tell us what kind of outboard it was? If my memory serves me correct it was a Johnson. Timex, who did not have one in the 60s?

      • Mark in Ohio ( today in Florida)

        Great video Troy. Although we did not see the watch run after the test. The commercial I remember (or don’t remember) is the Timex strapped to the lower unit on an outboard in the lake. Outboard looks like a late 50s 35 Johnson.

  3. Tuobanur

    tick uh tick uh tick uh good, timing, clock uh clock uh clock uh clock uh, timing is a thing………….

  4. Tuobanur

    That will be in your head the rest of the day,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,you can thank me later. 🙂

  5. briant

    Humans under the age of fifteen the world over have no absolute clue on how to tell time with one of these dinosours.

    Thank the “smartphone” for that.

    • Ollon

      They don’t know how to talk to a real person face to face either.

  6. Murdock

    You can cripple an entire generation with cursive writing, a third pedal on the floor and now add in clock reading.
    Forget about the concept of military 1330 hours too.
    Maybe cursive can be our old farts secret code?
    My Mom knew and mastered shorthand for her work and that might as well have been a Navajo “Windtalker” showing me what it meant as a kid…………

    • Dane

      Try challenging a teenager to make a call on a rotary phone!

      I’ve got a working rotary hanging on the wall at my lake cabin and it’s pretty funny.

    • floyd r turbo

      Just for grins they should have painted a Timex watch on the race prop. These props turned close to 10,000 RPM on later boats. No paint would probably stick though.