Yesterday my son Ham and I where allowed in a very cool old building here in Reedville to explore and pick. Ham is amazing at this, he finds stuff even the owners dont know they have. I will link to his store at the bottom of the page, or just click on the Lowtimers Banner. Anyway, we found some very cool stuff for the railway and because the Railway is also part of Reedville History, I am always beyond thrilled to have anything from Reedvilles past in there. Even if I have no idea what it is. So today, I may need a little help. I will let the photos tell the story.

mmmmmmm? What is this?

And someone left us a little gift with it. Ham was wondering, why are you taking a photo of that, clean it off. OH Ham, you gotta know our readers. This is pure gold!

Old belt drive drill press that fits the tool vibe at HQ, and a very cool tall desk

Two very cool drawbridge lights.

I got to cleaning up the table right away, I plan on using it to work on lettering, the oak vainer had fallen off in a ton of areas, so I saved as much as I could on the legs, and made the top the base wood, which is a cooler look anyway for the railway

Sanded and cleaned – You stand using it. I think its called a Standing Table.

This was all covered and found it. Oh hell ya. Most of the old furniture here in Reedville was made in Baltimore. All brought by boats. It was the quickest and most common way on the Bay.

I applied some stain to it to blend it all better and age it

My favorite light, and yes, Art, thats your light, and right at home!

I have some cool Pool Hall chairs. PERFECT!

A little Teak oil and BAM!

OH WAIT THERE IS MORE! In the drawers we found some real Reedville Treasures. It was like a bonus extra.

THUMBTACKS! The cool old pain in the ass kind! These will get used for sure.

A very cool poster, or something. I have a WEAVERS Ruler as well.

Was it a Bank table? The dates on these are 192_ Blank to fill in, and googleing around, def matches the period of the Himmel co. So I am guessing early 1900’s.

So here is the question, Is it a “Standing Table” Or maybe a Railroad Desk? A Drafting Table? Although those adjust, this does not, and the top does not lift. It has 3 Drawers. But that isnt the confusing part. THE SHELF. Its finished in Oak, and has no top on it. WHY? Should it have Glass? Where there things stuck in there. Bins? Or just a space?

The turning piece of wood is the most confusing part, and on either side of the top, the lip goes IN not out to support a piece of glass or something? MOWHALER! MOOOOOO! Fellow Woody Boater Mo’s family sells furniture for ever, maybe he knows.


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25 Responses to “We Need Some Help With Some Reedville History.”
  1. mahoganymadness

    I looks like a racoon quit his job and left something on the boss’s desk as he walked out…

  2. Greg Lewandowski

    Sounds like you guys had a fun day. I like the desk (with Art’s lamp) for sure, but those drawbridge lights are also a really cool find. How are you going to use those?

  3. Troy in ANE

    With the bank book it makes me wonder if the desk is some sort of early teller station.

  4. Matt

    I did as well, but couldnt find a reference. Standing Desk, or table yeilded the most results

  5. Kelly Wittenauer

    The drawbridge lights & that poster are my favs. Is “Weaver’s Food Store” still around? Love that they called it that, instead of calling it a grocery. Those prices – wow! And advertising “lard”?! You need to show these things to longtime area residents & see if they can provide any info.

  6. Matt

    I just posted the story on my personal Facebook. Hopefully some can chime in there

    • Kelly Wittenauer

      Maybe someone will remember that desk’s original purpose or going to Weaver’s as a child. Keep us posted on what you find out.

  7. Mark in Ohio ( today in Florida)

    I will have to say Matt, that is the $h!ttiest header that you have ever posted. Cool stuff tho! Went boating yesterday. It was great.

    • Larry Forget

      Blueprint holder , open rack top table .? Nice.. Three nights ago TV History channel , AMERICAN PICKERS, had a segment of old furniture hoarder.. Mike was a picker of some tables, think that HIMMEL name was mentioned. As a buy SCORE.?

  8. Mike D

    I’ll bet you took more than a table and lights (bathroom occupied light?) I wonder how many more days (weeks) of stories they will produce? Nice job on the table Matt.

  9. John Rothert

    Barn finds of a sort…really cool….

    Going Boating on the Bay Today!

    John in Va

  10. Dick Dow

    MOWHALER? Are you subconsciously missing your Boston Whaler?😉 That desk is cool and I am continually amazed at how quickly you transform your finds into functional pieces of art! I suspect the open frame held books, files, etc., that needed to be handy.

  11. Randy

    Definitely frame and display the local business advertisement. No one ever saved this kind of ‘stuff’, so its’ pretty rare.

  12. Steve Anderson from Michigan

    I don’t see any good pictures of the roller, but could it hold a roll of tape or paper for easy use?

  13. Floyd r turbo

    Damn, I want a workshop. Wait, I have one in the basement but it’s full of stuff; boats, motors, canoes, power tools, motorcycles. I need a warehouse.

  14. floyd r turbo

    The desk looks awesome and where are you keeping the elves that do all this work in such short order?? Couldn’t you make this header day cause I can’t bear looking at it each time I bring up the site, yuk. Reminds me of something I found under the back seat of my last boat that was stored 5+ years in a barn.

  15. Art

    Yes, the light looks right at home, I’m glad that it went to RWBHQ.
    I wonder if instead of glass, there might be a piece of wood leaning against the wall or in the rafters of the shop for the top.
    Yes light up those bridge lights up……they are cool !

  16. MO Whaler

    Wow – – Great Mission Style Stand Up Desk with Shelf. Look closely to the underside of the shelf for tiny tack holes or small screw holes for a possible up from the bottom panel insert. If no holes – – beats me. Perhaps it was a reject or mis-build and that’s how You got real lucky with a 100ish year old desk – – You need a vintage green plastic visor when you work at that desk. More Used Furniture for the Railway.

    No Missouri wind on Friday and a 42 degree January afternoon let the outboard powered pontoon churn thru a small area at Lake of the Ozarks – – 1st boat ride this year – – Yes – –

  17. Matt

    Thanks, no tack holes. Its mind boggling because of the small moveable slat in the center support.

  18. Matt

    That’s it! And the top shelf is for books. How is it jim grant always has the answers. Like our personal google

    • jim g

      There in old movies based around the late 1800’s to 1930’s. Thats where I’ve seen them.

      Scrooge, Its a wonderful life, etc.