Håkan Hås A Råre Cårb!

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Carb tag in question

The other day we did a small feature story on Håkens Cårb, and he wanted to know if is carb was a true carb to his Chris Craft. No one could find the Carter Number on the tag in th… Read more

Hull Raiser.

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Model Magic

The car boat combo has always been an interesting thing for me. But it needs to feel natural not forced for me. I like the idea that the combo could have been a spontaneous thing. Like a… Read more

Dockorating. Is It A Thing?

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One of the reasons we love Sweet Pea, is that even sitting there, she is pure art. Art that literally can move you. After all a dock is merely a structure. Or if you open your mind, it can be a Gall… Read more