Black Duck Hail Mary To Montana On Some Flyer!

Okay, Meet Black Duck, clearly one of us. Insane, driven and has an eye for the good stuff. I mean I love Mr Duck, and wish he lived near by, cause you know there are always adventures ahead. Not to m… Read more

Miss Butterface

She does her own sewing, cooks like a master chef, and will always be faithful. Three things that over time you knew would blind date code for butterface. Hey, don’t judge me here, I am jus… Read more

Baby Chick Is Beautiful On The Inside As Well

Baby Chick is coming along. We filled up three large trash cans of dirt, rags, and other stuff unrelated to her or her life. I sifted through it all. Oh, even a number 2 pencil was saved. Even the sm… Read more

Baby Chicks Hatch Tells Story

One of the most fun parts of cleaning out a Barn Find is, well, finding stuff frozen in time. You can just back story stuff and get an idea of what life was like back in the day. It’s clear that … Read more