She’s Alive! She’s Alive!


Tweaking the Carb

Yesterday we spend another full day, under, in and over the Barrel Back Barn Find.  Patching small areas on the bottom, making a battery box, new plugs, wires, Carb rebuild, … Read more

Meanwhile Back In The Barrel Back Barn


Clean-ish now

While we wait on the report in from Hessel Michigan, we thought we would update you on the barn find progress. The goal here is to start her up once the new RAYCO fuel tank gets here. A… Read more

My Baby Was Born With An Aluminum Head!

barn birth

The first photo of her after the tarp was removed.

As we wrap up the Barn find stories, I reflected on why barn finds are so special to us all. One of the true joys of a barn find, is the euphoric feeli… Read more

Barrel Back Racer – It Just Gets Better!

woody boater barn

She is in her new barn now. Welcome to Woody Boater HQ in Reedville.

What a weekend of cleaning and discovery, and another 5 gallon bucket of rodent turds. And I bet not one of you would have change… Read more