Dee-Wite Makes Boating A National Pastime

The Dwight Lumber Company of Detroit, Michigan began building wooden boats in the mid-1920’s, by the late 1920’s they were specializing in smaller boats named Dee-Wite Boats. … Read more

Howard Hughes Had An Out Of Wedlock Dingy.

Photo of a Hughes Duramold Dingy. Photo Coutesty of Texx.

Forget the Terminators new revaluation of a secret love child with a house worker.. We have bigger news.. Ya got your Spruce Goose, and … Read more

Do You Have A Big Woody?

Well, if you are on this list you do now.. Congrats to all the big winners..  We looked over all that was done this year and here are the results..

Woody Boater of the Year.. Herb PocklingtonRead more