Desert-ed Chris-Craft Trailer On Ebay.

If you have been looking for a cool Chris Craft Trailer today is your lucky day, cause right here on eBay, or rather, right there, in Arizona, is one. BTW, Arizona is a good dry climate for one of th… Read more

72 And Sunny Here In Woodyboaterville

First, I am sorry many of you are having rotten weather.  But here in Virginia it was 72 yesterday, and I was able to clean out the barn, and weed the garden. Crazy, but its like that here. And then i… Read more

12 Years Of Woody Boater Joy.

Today marks the official 12th year of Woody Boater being in the world. Of course this should come to no surprise of many, since its clear that many of us are still 12. For some reason, my sense of hu… Read more