What Season Is Your Classic Boat?


Just adding to the pile of reasons to own more than one boat. Yesterday, I was looking out there and the leaves are kinda starting to change and the way the sun sits lower creates a defi… Read more



This is it! The weekend for many! The leaves are ready, your camera better be charged up. And you will need to muster all the summer you have left in you to get out there and enjoy this weekend. … Read more

A Cobra In The Attic!

Like a dusty ghost from the past!

Well, we have have had Barn Finds, Basement finds, Blue Tarp Finds I think even one family room find classic boat. But in the attic? And a Cobra to boot, or boat! Ye… Read more

Gone Fish’n Woody Boater Style

Says it all! Family Fun and Fishn

A huge thanks to Bob Kays and Allen Makin and family for sharing a wonderful heart warming story from Lake Hopatcong. Trust me, it will renew any little bit of bit… Read more

I Did A Little Engine Work This Weekend!

Pre War K, wait , Not a “K”, its a “k”

With all the tide crap, high winds, I never really got a chance to get out there and do a gasp of sorts. Even though the temp was around … Read more

A Little Sausage Sunday

Oh Darla, you Vixin. Vixon” Vixan” ? Vixen?

It’s Sunday,I woke up late and so all I got is a little sausage to make my self imposed 8Am deadline. Wait, that sounds bad. For the … Read more

12 Years Of Woody Boater Joy.

Three Smith’s at Lake Dora. We made 25 Yellow Shirts!

Today marks the official 12th year of Woody Boater being in the world. Of course this should come to no surprise of many, since its cle… Read more