What The Water Wings?

These go around your waist! Or Bloomers, don’t let anyone see your epidermis. Wow, I dragged that joke out of the 5th grade memory bank. Still works!

A huge thanks to our pals at “Th… Read more

Happy Flag Day / Flag Week 2019

All American!

We are so fortunate that flags are part of our wonderful community and passion. Not only are they life and emotion, but also have a definite use. Different flags communicate to th… Read more

An Old Family Photo.

Old family photo of WECATCHEM

I have had a relationship with WECATCHEM for about 4 years ish. And we are beyond the varnish lust portion of our romance. Now she is part of of the family. I don̵… Read more

Deck Of Cobra Deck Of Cards!

Very cool!

Or is it a Cobra Deck, deck of cards?  Or Deck of Deck of Cobra Deck of cards? Just when you think you have seen it all, this pops up on ebay. The randomness of ebay is amazing. Playing Car… Read more

Sisters Of The Immaculate Varnish Job?

Jesus take the wheel, and throttle, and a 5 Gallon Bucket

Yesterday while stuck in the car driving back from an awards event, I got several emails from Woody Boaters with this above image from ab… Read more

How Much Should A Classic Boat Cover Cost?

How much?

Okay, this looks like one of those lame internet Facebook questions. The answer is rather subjective of course. What material, what size boat, lined? How custom do you want it. The ot… Read more