Hull Raiser.

Model Magic

The car boat combo has always been an interesting thing for me. But it needs to feel natural not forced for me. I like the idea that the combo could have been a spontaneous thing. Like a… Read more

Dockorating. Is It A Thing?


One of the reasons we love Sweet Pea, is that even sitting there, she is pure art. Art that literally can move you. After all a dock is merely a structure. Or if you open your mind, it can be a Gall… Read more

Can You Explain This To MeToo?


What the #? I know, I know, it was the 70’s and well, this sort of thing I am sure was a fun way to get people… okay, MEN to read the … Read more

Gotta Love A Classic Boat Catalog.

Finding an original cover with the logo on it would be a treasure for sure. Finding one for 10 bucks would make my head explode

They say god is in the details, and the details can sometimes be the mo… Read more

Leftovers! Like Sausage, Only Worse.

love the scallop cut photos.

Well, looks like we made it through another Thanksgiving, and now its leftover time. Today we have a fine selection of scraps, that make a story-ish. Hey! You do thi… Read more