Molly-O Lettered From The Factory And Again.

MOLLY-O in Algonac Michigan, her home since she was born

We got a wonderful note from long time fellow Woody Boater Art Armstrong regarding how Molly -O got her name and if you read on, how she got … Read more

HOBO – Some History From Our History.


In yesterdays stories in the comment section from fellow Woody Boater Dean’s Sackett, there was one on HOBO, a wonderful Chris Craft 24. The owner wante… Read more

I Have A Question About “The Sisters”

The Wicker Sisters

Yesterday I cleaned up WECATCHEM and started to get ready for The big 4th Celebration. Which we just be the Boatress and I. No parties or gatherings. But I decided to mix it up i… Read more

Classic Boatify A Hose Stand.

Adding a certain something something to the barn

One of the wonders of working from home, is between calls and working on work, when you take a break, you really get to take a break. I have over the … Read more