The Classic Pope Boat Mobile.

While his Holiness is here clogging traffic and blessing us all here in the DC area.Woody Boater has been hard at work. Doing extensive research in the Vatican archives WoodyBoater has found t… Read more

mmmm I Wonder Why My Varnish Is So Yellow?

It’s defiantly spring time here is Virginia. What nice varnishing weather! NOT! What the @#$##… First its to cold, then to wet, Later to hot, to humid. To windy….So I was ho… Read more

Chris Smith Signs Sylvia!

What a day. Chris Smith, Grandson of Chris Smith the father of Chris Craft, came by and we had a great conversation, he officially christened Sylvia with his touch and signature on the dash. Wha… Read more

Classic Boats. Or, Organic Boats.

As I am working now full time on my boat to make it ready for the MT Dora show I have come to a big conclusion. No matter how hard I try, the boat will never be perfect. And to that matter, none of them ev… Read more