Glenna Fay, My First Deadrise Crush!

GLENNA FAY – Just look at her simple perfection. That simple lettering. Straight bow!

Yesterday while at the Reedville Railway one of my favorite local boats showed up for a little this … Read more

A Picture Perfect Day

The classic shot. With water droplets.

Yesterday here in Virginia it was 70 degrees, no wind, and the air was clear and wonderful. Thats the way it can be around here in the fall. We even get some w… Read more

I Had A Nightmare Last Night.

It was a long night

One sure sign you are a gear head is. You have nightmares that involve your boat, engine.. etc. No hot babes, no strange twisted trips. just engine problems. And an entire even… Read more

We Row As One!

I can be in meetings … Oar painting.

Over the past few days, I have been out in the barn creating artwork, and as things progressed I found a deeper meaning in painting oars. Yes Painting oa… Read more