Janet-O And Slow Starts

Janet-O is almost ready for work

For many of you early morning risers, Woody Boater has always been there for you. Me too. I always try and meet an 8AM deadline. But recently things have been a tad … Read more

I Hear Invoices From The Past

40 ft cabin cruiser for $3,626. Note the plans. I LOVE IT. In todays dollars that would be around $40,000 For a 40 ft Cabin Cruiser!

Yesterday George came by the railway with another scrap book. O… Read more

Hold On! Late Story Today!

Two boat loads of fun

We had a big windstorm pass through right before the HQ Agency party, and then 3 hrs of magic light, and no wind.. So we gathered up the crew and went out for a 45 minute sunset ri… Read more

Is There A Tollycraft Rumpus Dr In The House?

Rumpus BW inkclot image. LOVE the style lines of motion. Thats a MUST KEEP

Fellow Woody Boater Mark Kantor is in the process of restoring a 1957 Tollycraft 14′ Rumpus and needs some help. … Read more

Chill’n, Burn’n, and Shoot’n

I call this. Dock Shot Reflection

It’s getting to be that time of year when the summer fun is kinda over, and yet, boating is amazing. The weather can be brisk, and still warm, darkness arr… Read more