Big Bubba Gets Cleaned! Once A Year Is Enough

Not sure if this is politically correct anymore? Is she now a Native American? I am so confused

The shop truck, my fun 1958 Chevy Pickup was due a good cleaning, and since it was foggy and windy, I t… Read more

The Fine Art Of An Authentic Reproduction


The Ramsey Brothers are a treasure trove of all that’s good in Woodyboaterville. I love these guys. They get the entire zipper thing and have taken it a step further. Like way be… Read more

Photo Comments Are Back! Dang! That Was A Mess!


On such a heavy day, a little good-ish news. If you think wiring a boat is a mind bender. DO NOT HAVE A WEBSITE! Good god! The good news, is I know more about DNS, SSL, and CDA, and who host… Read more

Early Morning Runs!

The Magic feeling of a full day ahead of sunshine and, and, and, head tourqing, flushing the engine, adjusting, cleaning. AND LOVING IT

RIDES! Okay, that headline may not have been the best cho… Read more

Who Ever Built This Is A Genius…Or Insane.

Crazy Cool!

We are gonna try an experiment. I saw this on facebook. I know, I know.. But its cool as all get out. BY the way, get out there, it’s Saturday.. Anyway, How many have seen this on o… Read more

One Slide, So Many Goodies!

Can you spot all the goodies?

You all know how much I love a good slide photo from the past. The colors hold up and how the film is, makes it feel more timeless and if it was shot today. We all think his… Read more

Barn Find Higgins. Bring On The Higgins.

Dusty, just the way I like my ladies! Okay, see, boats are ladies. That was not intended to offend anyone. Well, maybe it was. I am going to shut up now and move on..

Since we have been having some fu… Read more