Bruiser Causes Stir At Chris-Craft Club HQ

Oh boy Mr B, we caused a problem!

If you are a member of the Chris Craft Antique Boat Club, you get the Brass Bell. Still in my book one of the best designed club magazines out there. Up there with the … Read more

Bringing Back Brightness.

The center window is removed to be cleaned and sanded

While everyone was defending our conspicuous passion yesterday, I turned off all my cell stuff and went to conspicuously work on strippin… Read more

Pricing A Classic Boat. Cliche Alert.

Miss Step BEFORE, at Lake Dora 2009.

To milk the Hydro story a little more. And did you expect any less from me. What is this worth? And for that matter what is any classic boat worth? And add into th… Read more

Found Art I Need To Find. John Barber Print.

Butler Railway by John Barber

I had seen this work of art one day at George’s house, and have been looking for it since getting the Railway. It’s a very limited print and a very early … Read more