OH YA! Virtual Smorgasbord Saturday


If you are having some sort of boat show or event withdrawal. Today you can do the imposable. Be in several places at one time. And there is even more to come. And still have time to go out a… Read more

I Need A Day Of Boat Pictures


You cant go outside, you cant be with friends, you cant turn on the TV, you cant eat carbs, we are all gonna be killed by Murder Hornets, or now Locusts. Hurricanes. It’s gonna be a ba… Read more

Okay You Cheap $%(*@ard’s Pony Up!

Bob’s not cheap!

We tried this the nice museum way, now the WoodyBoater way. Our pals at THE Antique Boat Museum are doing lots of very cool stuff to keep this as fun as possible. Being a mus… Read more

Virtual Launches For Breakfast?

Launch time! Come and get it

As part of our series and partnership with The Antique Boat Museum and The Wooden Boat Experience video series. Today you can take a tour of the National Boat Show Bui… Read more

Double Secret Paint From Woody Boater Labs

One of three paint closets full of old paint colors. The good stuff. Cough cough

I have some hard to reach areas on Sweet Pea that I wanted to be bright work. But in no way in hell wanted to open up a ca… Read more