From Reedville To Lake Tahoe With Love.

This may look like a simple building. But how grand it is.

As horrific as the pandemic has been on the planet, like anything, it’s brought us positive things. Sorry, it’s my curse, … Read more

$400 T-Shirts? I Had Nothing To With It!

Amazing Vintage Boat T Shirt

The other day we talked about boat cushions and how the prices have grown. This is because of a lack of art in our passion. T shirts on the other hand have been a big coll… Read more

A Picture Perfect Day

Perfect sky, 80 and slight breeze

I spent yesterday working on Sweet Pea, the barn, between office calls. And even though today has no real theme, sometimes a day of small different things can j… Read more

The Price of Vintage Boat Cushions. My Fault?

$600 worth of cushions.

A week or so ago, I posted a story on spending 300 bucks on a boat cushion. In the comment section, Woody Boater got kinda shot at for causing prices to go up for boat cushion… Read more

Syd’s Racy Little Black Book.

Thanks C.C Skinner and the Col.. Like a game of Clue? 

Thanks to longtime Fellow Woody Boater for more from his text message museum. Syd Marsden, found this very cool little black book at a yard … Read more

Motor Boating! Watch Out Who You Say It Too.

It’s a different thing to different people!

So, the other day I was asked to write up a brief paragraph about Woody Boater for some of our younger staff. I started it out with a sentence abo… Read more