Live-ish From Gull Lake

Smile, your on Woody Boater!

Longtime fellow Woody Boater Steve Lapkin reports in from the big Gull Lake Chris Craft event.  While many of us here in the South are dealing with the cray cray, th… Read more

Art Between Zoom Calls

Work in progress

I know many of you wonder how I have the time to do this everyday. I do to, but time is a funny thing. You can always fit in stuff that you really want to do. You just need to be flexible … Read more

Redville – The Red In Reedville.

This is a planned graphic for the small storage barn. JOHNSON SEA HORSE

This past weekend, while getting ready for the big Show. I decided to throw a couple coats of paint on the railway. Of cours… Read more

A Day In Nowhereville

Mista B LOVES a boat ride… and scraps!

I have little unrelated scraps of images taking up space and so I am now dumping them on you. A day of floating around WoodyBoaterville in a dazed way. … Read more