Old Photo Look, Old Camera?

Argoflex Camera

have a collection of old cameras, and for years have thought about trying to combine an old camera with an iphone. I know, why not just try one of the thousands of vintage filters … Read more

From Dora To Doors!

The new French Dora’s

Yesterday started out as one of those crazy days, I couldn’t seem to get anything done. BUT, around 1 PM, I was free! And ayne and I were able to tackle a project … Read more

Weeding Through The Torso’s!

mmmmm! What is that? Is there more HIGGINS here?

Yesterday right as I was leaving for lunch, a very nice man stopped by the Railway. To be honest, I was about to head out, and thought. Okay. this wi… Read more

Ugh, Boat Ride So Needed.

a sculpture, and it sure won’t float away

It’s that time of year. You can smell the boat ride in the air. It’s like kinda having to pee, until you get near a bathroom, and then y… Read more