We Got Out There, And Well, Turned Around.

That light. No filters, photoshop. Just Mutha nature doing her thang

Yesterday afternoon, after countless zoom meetings and work, the Boatress and I took a break from it all and decided a boat … Read more

Nesting The Barn For Winter

The “Lounge” is ready

As we all last gasp, we are also prepping for the inevitable coldness about to consume us all. So I have been working away at cleaning out junk and getting the b… Read more

Sausage Mash Gasp!

Lake Hopatcong Scrap

Today we are gonna use some lips and snouts from previous gasping this year to do a mash gasp. And start the sad winter tradition of Sausage Days. To those new to Sausage Days… Read more

Classic Kays Gasps On Lake Hopatcong

Red, white, blue, orange, green, purple.. We are America!

What is it about fall and woody boats? Maybe its the completeness of it all? Maybe it’s that the blend of varnished wood and fall … Read more

A Little Last Gasping In NY

How Syd got everyone to pose so still is beyond me.

Longtime fellow Woody Boater Syd Marsden took his amazing hacker out for a little last gasp shoot last week and shared some of the amazing image… Read more