New Classic Boating Magazine Is A Classic!

The latest Classic Boating magazine just came in the mail. Thank god. I had just finished reading the Brass Bell for the 4th time and needed a fix. This is also a great issue. There is a great artic… Read more

More Painted Antique & Classic Boats

While working on Lil’ Suzy. We came to appreciate the painted Classic boats. As beautiful as Varnish is. For a change it’s cool to apply paint. And I mean not just a coat of white pai… Read more

The imperfection of varnish.

I have had many conversations regarding the use of varnish, as well as other options, as Urethane’s, and clear coat. The results of both urethane’s and clear coat are absolutely … Read more

It's not a classic boat, its a work of art.

Lets face it, there is no rational reason to own or use a woody boat. It’s all emotion. Other than the sheer beauty of seeing one live, is seeing one in an ad or poster. In fact all the art that surr… Read more