Black Katz’s Cobra In The Water Shoot!


Reminder to myself. Don’t use two cameras! When we arrived at Katz’s Marina, I could hear the rumble of muscle for sure. AHHHHHHHHH! The Black Katz’s Cobra was run… Read more

Mista B Gets His Own Boat!

YAP, thats my boat!

This weekend we made a Hale Mary road trip up to Katzs Marina to see the new black Cobra, STAY TUNED! In the water running shots!!!!!!, We also were there to pick up a new boat for … Read more



Jimmy’s Ski Boat is done…ish. I am not sure they are ever done, but she was able to go for a very very long wait to do what she loves to do. Go Motor Boating. Trust me, that will be … Read more

We’re Having A Cobra Dance Party Today!

A one and a two…

Put on your Spandex, and tap shoes, cause we are having a Cobra dance party courtesy of Bob Kays and Katz’s marina. Oh ya, two perfectly restored Chris Craft Cobras i… Read more

Mr B Loves Woody B…oating.

That is one happy chappy!

For the record, there isn’t much that Mr B doesn’t like. He loves everyone and everything. Loves a road trip, and now the ultimate test. A woody boat. Not j… Read more