Crazy Cavalier Is Just Crazy Cool Enough.

Coolness. 1963 style.

If you are into Cavaliers and into pushing the envelope on design. Today is your lucky day. We found this very cool 1963 Chris-Craft Cavalier Ski boat on ebay. No reserve a… Read more

Happy Spray Day!

Isn’t this fun?


Yesterday after a day on Zoom The Boatress and I had a much needed boat ride. And it was a tad windy. And choppy. And fun as hell. And so I decided today is SPRAY DAY! A day o… Read more

I Need An Analog Automatic Pilot?

Wheel chain gear?

On Sweet Pea right behind her wheel is a chain gear. I thought it was just some sort of steering thing made of ugly metal. But while doing the new mahogany countertop and paintin… Read more

Honey, I Shrunk the Boat!!!

It’s a Glen Lil.

We got this great story from loooong time fellow WoodyBoater Roberta Hegy. Her amazing Glen-L is very well known and loved. So she of course took it even farther with.. Oh … Read more

Burning Skies In Woodyboaterville!


Nature takes and nature gives. One thing is for sure sunsets don’t require internet or power. Just some fuel and passion. The power is out up in New Jersey and yet Bob Kays was able to … Read more