Made Up News From Clayton.

Early morning Canada caught on fire. It’s okay though, the boats are safe.

Since no real news has come in from the big Clayton show, we thought we would try and do what we do best. Make some u… Read more

A Clayton O. Smith Jr Tease

Red White and Blue

Well, thanks to fellow Woody Boater Kent O. Smith Jr we have a tease today from Clayton and the big show that has now officially started. While I am stuck here at home with a home r… Read more

Can I Be Saved?

I feel so alone out here, we people shooting at me.

Sometimes I am a hopeless Romantic. This Target Ship off the mouth of the Potomac in the Chesapeake Bay is a wonderful monument of Rust and patin… Read more

A Little Search For The Valve Keeper Lock

Dang its a little oily in here.

Welcome back to the next episode of Lost Lock. Well, later the next day after buying a bunch of small magnets and getting advice on how to get them on a string and yada … Read more

Are You Topless Boating?

I love these convertible tops

The heat is here to stay for a while, and in the afternoons if you are lucky a good shower and cool down. Either way you need a top on your boat so you can remain coolR… Read more

Summer Sunsets

Slow ride in heaven

With the heat being rather brutal, I have found that a simple slow sunset cruise is a very magical event. This is that time of year when the wind dies down, and the skies are full … Read more