Final Wall And A Hodgepodge Of Sausage

Row boat of Babes! Now Great Grandmothers!

Today I do have the wall done, but thought I would add in a little Sausage so we are not confused with some home decorating show. I even chucked in a babe s… Read more

Well, That Escalated Quickly.

Oh boy!

Yesterday, I was able to work at the new old Railway office. It’s still a bit of a mess and half done, but at least now, I can step off to the side and have a meeting between small projec… Read more

Get Your Green On!

Green with envy on Chris Smiths Sea Skiff!

Happy St Patrick’s Day. Today. Green! No one’s gonna pinch me today. Cause I am wearing green. And sitting on an all day Zoom call, so no on… Read more