Cabin Boy Found Still In Box!

Cardboard Love

First, I apologize to all the pervs that are here reading this from a Google Search. Sorry, we are talking about a bike.. Not some sort of strange “thing” you have od… Read more

Do You Have A Lil Can?

Mini Can!

First of all, I have seen many of you, and well… mmmmm… ummmm, lets just say, that a little can is a rare beast for sure. But thanks to the good folks at LOWTIMERS I can now cla… Read more

Pre War Ink Clot Babes.

I just don’t get it? But?

I have been in marketing for 40 years, and to be honest I never understood the use of babes in ads. Not women or men, but hunks and babes. Literally attractive peopl… Read more

Timeless Warm Summer Memories From Maine

59 years ago!

I love the thought of a simple photo taken on a whim 60 years ago, heck 80 years ago can produce such warm love. A huge thanks to Alden Reed and Troy, yes that Troy for such warm wonderfu… Read more

Summer Loving Had Me A Blast!

Oh ya!

This week, I am going to try and work from home, and so it allows me to commit some extra time to joy of boating. As in, I can justify getting the boats in the water, which of course is never real… Read more