Marshmallow Fluff Anyone?

Chief Wannabuyaboat!

This wonderful brochure for the 1942 Sportsman Show in Boston is a great little time capsule of what it was like to be a “guy” right at the start of WWII. It… Read more

Happy Easter From Woodyboaterville

Hands up! Give me all your eggs!

We hope you are blessed with fine weather and flat water today. Here in Reedville Virginia we have a wonderful tradition of the Easter Bunny going around town on a … Read more

Sausage Sunday – Come Aboard!

This is quite a leap of logic here. Beer? Check, Sunscreen? Check? Gallon Of Oil? SCREECH? What? Why do we need a gallon of oil dear? I am NOT going out on that thing!

My old friend Sausage Sunday. B… Read more

Who Is Bob Speltz? We’re Glad You Asked.

Bob Speltz one of the greats!

Yesterday we did a fun story regarding the logo change for the Land-O-Lakes  Chapter of the ACBS. of course everyone liked it. We are that sort of crowd. But behind … Read more