The Daisy Chain Idea May Actually Happen! WTF?

This is kinda the plan as of now. Subject to change.

For the record it was, and is, a really stupid idea, and yet, sometimes the stupid ideas are the most fun. Especially when it’s winter an… Read more

Gulf Marine Dock Pumps?


Today we have one photo. And many questions. The biggest one… What kind of pump are these? I love them, and they are small enough to be cool barn art. But I am not sure h… Read more

The Coolest Boat Hat E…V..E…R!

Antique 1910s Nautical Yachting Boat Captain Cap possible Size 7-1/4 With Union Label.

This could become the new hat for 2021 WoodyBoaters. Its cot the softness of a modern hat, with looking l… Read more

Distractions In Woodyboaterville.


I know to many of you, all you want from me is boats, boats and more boats. Me too! BTW, not #MeToo, me as well. But also life in Woodyboaterville does not just run on Varnish and Mahog… Read more