One Photo With So Many Yummy Nuggets

At first glance, cool! Neto log cabin store thing

Every now and then we find one image with so many goodies it. And well, today is one of those days. These sorts of old stores are gone sadly, The emb… Read more

I Am Confused? It Was 70 Here Yesterday?

Morning Sunshine – Photo Lydia Haynie

Some days these days are confusing me. Yesterday I was in shorts and a T shirt, outside working at the Railway, with music blaring. Okay it was Chris… Read more

Brian Robinson Is in The Details

BABY CHICK The more I dig, the more I am blown away.

Today, we are going to go deep into one simple detail. And you will get to wander into the depth of it all. I love the way you can look at something in … Read more

Pardon Me – The Book. Rated R

Well, Pardon Me!

Yes, not R for read me, Or R for Real good. But a good old classic Boob shot rated R. Egh? Oh now you are interested. Yup, Hey, sex sells, and well it’s not like Pardon Me wasn&… Read more