Springtime At The Railway?

They are the same age, and well.. Bruiser is literally head over heels with Tara. Then again, he feels the same way about the occasional stick. BOYS will be BOYS

The term puppy love has been overu… Read more

The Most Beautiful Toilet Seat Ever!

I am flabber gassed!

Are your a “regular” reader of WoodyBoater? If so, than you no doubt know of my passion for toilet seats. And today we have what I say.. as a toilet seat ofianato… Read more

The Zen Of Saw Dust.

She is alive with saw dust! AHHHHHHHHH! YES.

Yesterday was one of those days where you know the universe has placed you in the right place, the right time and with the right people at one time. The… Read more

Lights, Camera, And Jimmy!


The vintage Greenie Benjaman Industrial Lights are up and running that glorious juice through them to activate some cool Edison LED lights. WOW, it’s starting to come alive an… Read more