Welcome To The Jungle! By Brandon Wabeke

Nothing like a sooting soda pop to calm down the monkeys

A huge shout out to fellow Woody Boater Brandon Wabeke for sending in a fun story. I guess one to many Sausage ebay days have made many think… Read more

Frosty The Boat Man

The beauty of misery

I suppose you are feeling a bit of the chill outside. YIKES. Even here in Virginia is getting a tad cold. But we all try and see the good in it all. After all there is no way to solv… Read more

Vintage Gas Sign. Or Not?

Vintage? Or Vintage Looking?

Because it’s winter and I have been sick as a dog from burning myself out. I am spending way too much time searching around the internet for story ideas. One o… Read more

The Chris Craft Boatski Buzz!

Boris! At least App was good!

Well, you might be wondering what was going on the boat buzz feed. Well, Russians. Someone had hacked into something. We do have people on it. Now, of course this is r… Read more

Original Orange Seam Color!

Little bits of orange original seam material

The gang at Katz’s Marina sent us in this little treasure. Turns out a boat they are restoring. A 1940 Chris Craft 19 Barrel Back had Orange Se… Read more