At $2,600 A Quart, Yikes Oil Prices Are High!

That is one good lookn can

Are oil prices High, or is the seller? maybe its that its virgin oil? Vs Extra Virgin Olive oil? And dear god, how ugly must those olives be to be Extra Virgin? Okay enough … Read more

Ed Stanley, YOU RULE!


Have you ever met someone for one second and said, hey I love this guy! We are brothers from another mother. Well, I just did. Meet Ed Stanley. I met him on ebay. Okay, okay, I really haven… Read more

Railway Sausage. Baby Chick Needs Her Rest.

Hows your shaft log? Mine is fine now. Thanks Wayne for the shot

I spoke to Baby Chick the other day and she is a little worn out from all the Social Media appearances. Yes, I did speak to her, and yes… Read more

16 Hour Trip To Katz’s Recap

Around 8AM

3AM and on the road with my best buddy Mr B. WECATCHEM has had a long overdo varnish need! Like her sides are almost gone. The sun reflections on her sides are intense. AND YES I have a cov… Read more