Sausage Saturday! Hey It’s Winter.

Hello Boys! I love Sausage day!

We seem to be consuming a whole lotta Sausage this winter. But according to our stats, seems like the citizens of Woodyboaterville sure love sausage. Not to dimi… Read more

Sausage eDay!

3 Miles out! Dang!

Well today we try a themed Sausage Day. Sausage eDay! A day of slightly interesting stuff on eBay that really isn’t worth a story. But certainly fun to look through and m… Read more

It’s 2019 Already In Kaysville!


Well, Bob “Have I Got A Calendar For You” Kays has produced yet another wonderful calendar, and this one has a winner winner chicken dinner cover. Genus move to get us … Read more

Sausage? Anyone? It’s Sunday!

Ebay find. Chrome Cleaner HERE ON EBAY

Ahhh, nothing like a nice big pile of sausage on a Sunday morning. I will try and find some flap jacks to fill out the day. maybe some grits? OJ? I wonder if any… Read more