NOS Texaco Tanker – Let’s Open It Together

Unopened Texaco Toy Tanker

Thanks to fellow Woody boater Syd Marsden for sending us in this wonderful un opened Texaco Tanker. And get this, we get to see it as its unpacked for the first time. Th… Read more

New Year, New Day. Slide Show Day!

Close up of Uncle Morty. I love slides because they feel like they were shot yesterday. And that look is almost impossible to create today. Love the speed boat in the background. July 1959

Thank… Read more

The Last Sausage Of The Year!

Better than rust!

Well, here it is, one more year of daily dribble. Bad spelling, poorly researched stories and every now and then, gold. And before we kick off the new year of 2019, how about som… Read more

E*Trade Goes Riva

Let’s go bow wow boating

Once again the E trade commercials kill it. This time it’s about dogs! And of course living the snooty life on a Riva. The entire series of TV spots are fun as … Read more

Can You See It??

Ever wonder why there are copyright and trademark laws? Well, its called brand confusion. One company leverages the brand equity from another to gain some image. Have you seen … Read more

The Boatski’s?

Russian Vintage Boating

Just when I think I have seen it all, and then thought, well of course this is how it is? How myopic of me. Of course Russians enjoyed boating back then as well. Sometimes a … Read more

Let’s Do A Sausage Sunday!

Yes, I am a model.. For… mmmmmm, mmmm Outboard engines. But I can wear a crown? Right?

We are on the road headed to Alabama and then New Orleans for some fun exploring. So here I sit in a hotel… Read more