Cruisers Are Hot? Wait? What? Squirrel?

I am so confused?

WARNING: I have focusing issues when it comes to crazy claims.  In this months email newsletter from a large Broker they make the claim that “Cruisers Are Hot” N… Read more

Tahoe 1953 – The Film

Memaw and Pepaw and the new Grandkid!

Seen everything on Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and all the other stuff to watch? Have you tried ebay? Today we feature two listings from the same seller and clea… Read more

William Jackson – The Seaflea King

The man!

Today, the day after Christmas, I thought it would be fun to give you a chance to use that new phone or ipad to watch some cool stuff. Also don’t even bother to try and download the Wo… Read more

Santa Is On His Way.

The Santa Bobs!

Have you been good this year? Cause the Clause has been watching.Oh boy!!!. He is grading on a curve this year. But for sure he is on his way..via woody boats! Today we celebrate Sa… Read more