What Is It About This Photo?

When Time Stands Still

Yesterday I got several requests for this photo. What the heck? I have shot this same shot 1000 times. And yet yesterdays sparked the most feedback. The only thing I can su… Read more

Sorry, More Old Tools. Hey! Quit Your Bitch’n.

Art from Montgomery Wards

Oh I know what you are saying with your inside voice. UGH. Tools, old tools. This site is about old BOATS, not tools. Ya. Well. Life is more than old wood boats. There is t… Read more

I Have Been Fishing Around In My Drawers.

It’s been a joy to find

As I have been digging around the barn to get her dolled up I have been finding all sorts of stuff, I didn’t know I had. I know, I know. But alot of todays stuff, wo… Read more

Texaco Marine Brochure. A REAL PAPER BROCHURE.

Texaco paradise

I am not sure why I think Texaco Marine stuff is so cool. Maybe it’s the design? Or the total commitment by Texaco to be aligned with the Marine industry. I know others did. … Read more