Looking Back From Last November.

Mud- November 2020

It’s been about a yearish since we started to dig into the, well, dirt. Mud and stuff. Piles of wood, gravel, tons and tons of it. But slowly but surely it’s getti… Read more

Barnfind 25 Sportsman Extraction, In Action.

Wayne just thinking, what in the hell have I gotten myself into.

Yesterday we had a window of time to do The Extraction” The universe lined up in short notice, tractors, tools, and people… Read more

The Extraction Plan Of Action

She is in there good, but not for good

Later today or tomorrow, we execute “The Extraction” After about an hour of looking at it ll and discussing many options. Kinda like the comme… Read more

Less Water, Drying Out At HQ

Mr B does not like this stuff.

Funny thing about disasters. Yes Odd and Funny ha ha BTW. They can actually be very photogenic. They capture emotion, and things we can only imagine in our dark thou… Read more