It’s Varnish Sniff’n Time!

Wonderful Barrel Back at katzs Marina

On a brief trip to New Jersey for a client meeting I had a chance to pop into Katz’s Marina for a little life support. And man oh man it worked. One of the … Read more

One Mans Junk!

Its an art shaft? Shaft art?

I gotta say, My hats off to the eBay seller on this one. Trying to sell a used Crank Shaft as art. This is marketing. Literally peace of scrap metal as art. And for 45 buck… Read more

Do You Have A Set Of Brass Nuts?

Brass Nut

What can I possibly write to follow up a headline like that? Is your woody old enough for a set? There ya go, I can keep this going. Or mercifully not. But if you read this with the images yo… Read more

Sausage Saturday

Thats a whole lotta Johnsons

Right now as you read this I am on a flight back to Virginia from Los Angeles. It’s been one of those years. I seem to be back and forth so much I am getting to know s… Read more

Mid Century Desk Boat! Cool?


Anything with the words Mid Century as a descriptor of art, makes is special. But its a fine line sometimes. Today on eBay  we found this cool Mid Century Art Boat. Now of course the photos a… Read more