3 Generations Types Of Classic Boaters.


I was doing some think’n yesterday and thought, mmm what is different now about classic boating? It feels different.  And it hit me. We have talked about the need to preserve the his… Read more

Chris-Craft Cobra Prototype Gets A Name

Jara and Alan discussing name and design. What do we call her?

The wonderful Cobra 18 Prototype got named and lettered at Katz’s marina on Lake Hopatcong. This was going to be a fun two par… Read more

Steve Lapkin Takes Over As Brass Bell Editor.

Steve Lapkin in New Zealand covering the the classic boating there for Woody Boater

If you think 2020 is all bad stuff, here is proof that the balance of the universe is still in motion. Long time … Read more

Don’t Jump! No Really, Stop Jumping!

Showing how to jump to the girls.

Well, yesterday we featured some swimming out on the Chesapeake Bay, but couldn’t seem to get Murphy to go for it. Murphy is fearless, but leaping off a bo… Read more