Mirror Water, A De…light To Photograph

Get it? Light? De light.. It’s a pun, and even worse, I am telling you its a pun, which is even more pathetic. But the photos sure are not pathetic. Okay maybe the photographer is, and I just … Read more

Natural Light, Party Prep, And A Ruler Shelf

So, the way I see it here, on cold days, you can get an ebay story about toilet seats, some old summer shots, someones barn find, or now, some more railway HQ photos. And to think almost 6,000 stori… Read more

Meanwhile Back At The Global HQ, Details

We have a huge local event happening here on Saturday so all the boats and well… dirt, paint cans, screw drivers all need to be put away or put in the trash. And of course I got to try out the ne… Read more

RIP My Old Friend.

So long my old friend, it was a great summer, actually several summers. You were with me through the sweaty heat, dirt, sanding and painting. Lots of painting, crawling. You kept me covered, an… Read more