Let The Games Begin

The flag is up!

We have officially made it and moved into the Woody Boater White House, located on Lake Dora. This year we will be able to go back and forth to the show and area in a boat. the way god in… Read more


A fun blast from the past image! Still true.

Well, we are setting out on the fun ride south to about as far South as we can go. To the land of sunshine and mullet hair cuts, mixed in with some great var… Read more

9 Days! – Sunrise Memories Of Lake Dora

IX Days!

Nine days until it all officially starts. But if you are like most of us, we all show up earlier. In our case, its more like 4 but thats a tad loose depending on things. But the great news is w… Read more

Did You Set Your Classic Boat Clock Forward?

A Pre War Chris Craft Alarm Clock?

I apologize ahead of time for what may me a time rabbit hole. All this moving the clock around confuses me enough, since I always work on an internal clock. For so… Read more

From Sexists To Sextants

1920 NYAC sextant

You have all fall’n into the oldest trick in the book. Using sexy images to talk about things that are boring. It was a two day set up, but here it is. SEXTANTS. And for thos… Read more

Ink Clot Babes. It’s Been A While.

All winter and we haven’t had a good babe story. And despite the new world order, the Babe section of WoodyBoater is by far the most searched menu item. Now, as a creative in the ad world. I h… Read more