Wall Options. Hey! It Is What It Is.

I took out the insulation. BUT?

What’s worse than dock shots? Wall shots! To think this is the countdown time to Dora. And I am milking days with dam wall choices. I am conflicted, because … Read more

The Pegboard Situation.


Yesterday is why I love our little universe. Your feedback and opinions. I have spent my life trying to listen to all opinions, weeding out the dumb ones and being open to the good ones. And t… Read more

Springtime At The Railway?

They are the same age, and well.. Bruiser is literally head over heels with Tara. Then again, he feels the same way about the occasional stick. BOYS will be BOYS

The term puppy love has been overu… Read more

The Most Beautiful Toilet Seat Ever!

I am flabber gassed!

Are your a “regular” reader of WoodyBoater? If so, than you no doubt know of my passion for toilet seats. And today we have what I say.. as a toilet seat ofianato… Read more