Oh Those Tahoe Interiors.

HOLY CRAP! WOW! ZOW, POW.. Slap my face and call me Sally! SHAZAM!

A huge thanks to Steve Lapkin for keeping the Tahoe Show going here on Woody Boater. Its not easy to be at the show, trying to harve… Read more

What Do 24 Cylinders Sound Like?

Dear god! That’s a whole lottttttttta cylinders

Glad you asked, cause we just so happen to have an example. What are the chances of that happening. So, since its Saturday and you all will … Read more

Made Up News From Clayton.

Early morning Canada caught on fire. It’s okay though, the boats are safe.

Since no real news has come in from the big Clayton show, we thought we would try and do what we do best. Make some u… Read more

A Clayton O. Smith Jr Tease

Red White and Blue

Well, thanks to fellow Woody Boater Kent O. Smith Jr we have a tease today from Clayton and the big show that has now officially started. While I am stuck here at home with a home r… Read more