Rare Photo's Of Golden Pond Boat.

Thanks to fellow woody boater Ken Miller from the Boat Buzz we able to show some very rare photos of the U22 used in the film “On Golden Pond” These shots were taken by Pat Curtin ( Boa… Read more

What Year Was This Photographed?

I just had this shot sent to me. Perfect, and timeless. What year was it shot? The color has held up very well. There are several hints… I’ll even make it easier. What decade was it sh… Read more

The Ladies Dig My Seams!

Found this old shot on eBay. Thought it was fun. And to my surprise, there they were. The seams. If you look closely near the aft end of the boat, near the guide post, you can see them. Seams opening … Read more

So What If You Could Go back In Time?

Now you can , and have photo proof of it. It’s one thing to be out on your 1941 Chris Craft taking a break from all the crap out there. Cruising around with your best gal. But now with the help o… Read more

Ahhh! Sylvia's Bottom..

When I started out to restore Sylvia, I knew I wanted to do it in a way that was true to her history. Every detail needed to be correct. One does not own an antique, we are caretakers. That’s t… Read more