Cool Old Classic Boat Footage On eBay

Make up your own story, This is aunt Glady’s she never really liked boats or the water until the summer when she returned from typing school.. And Juan the gardener was working on the boat… Read more

Life Is Simpler In Woody Boaterville

McCall’s Boater Babe Cover for 1911.. That turtle neck must have been quite the contoversy

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Ladies Can Look Cool In A Skipper Cap Too!

This post card image was clearly taken at the start of Marilyn’s career.. The question is.. Was it the cap that launched her into stardom? I claim, yes! If you are too chicken to buy a cap, y… Read more

Elegante- A Masterpiece of Masterpieces..

You know those guys back in the day, that slicked back their hair and had their pictures taken with other rich guys with their hair slicked back, with babes with perfect hair..

Well, this boat be… Read more